Our second day was an incredible example of how much fun we have at camp no matter what! After waking up during some light rain, we headed down to breakfast for some waffle sticks and sausage. By the end of breakfast, however, the weather had us trapped in the Dining Hall, but it did not stop our fearless rocketry instructor, Thomas Williams, from running to his cabin in the downpour, grabbing his guitar, and helping John lead the whole camp in an impromptu chapel service in the Tuck. Afterward, we heard a great message from counselor and pottery instructor Daniel Milligan, the day was underway.

Unfortunately, the ongoing storms prevented our trips from going out today, but the campers are still looking forward to their rescheduled adventures! Our daily activities commenced on schedule, with a few minor changes in location, and our new arrivals were introduced to their second set of classes.

At lunch, the camp feasted on mini-corndogs and the kitchen’s famous mac n’ cheese, and Greybeard was announced as the winner of cabin cleanup. Then the winners of last night’s evening activities (Stealing Skins and Search & Destroy) were revealed, with the Iroquois taking another victory against the Seminoles. We also celebrated Liam B’s birthday with a song and a cake for his whole cabin to share!

After lunch, campers went back to their cabins for rest time and free time, followed by their afternoon classes. A delicious dinner of cheese-stuffed shells awaited us at the Tuck, with a camp favorite dessert­­—Oreo pudding! The campers were then sent out to their evening activities. Junior Camp went to Spencer’s Green to play Stealing Skins, and our Senior Campers met at the beach for The Great Escape.

The boys are now winding down from the day and have started resting for another big day tomorrow. Be sure to come back tomorrow night to find out who won the two activities from tonight and hear about the day!


Bennett Kesler