It was a cool morning as the sun rose over Spyglass Hill on Camp Timberlake for the very first day of full camp for the summer! We had a yummy breakfast of biscuits, eggs, and delicious diced potatoes as well as the usual spread of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (CTC), Coco Puffs, Golden Grahams, and Raisin Bran in addition to the grit bar at the neighborhood tables.

After singing some Chapel classics in the brand new Chapel, John told an excellent true story and it was off to the races for the first official day for the fight over the award for the cleanest cabin, the Golden Plunger. For morning activities, Field Sports learned how to properly throw a frisbee and they even got to play a few rounds of Ultimate Frisbee. Basketball after properly warming up and stretching, learned how to shoot lay-ups and back door cuts. Fishing had Leyton H, Miles S, Hugh, Evan G, and Gowan J all casting and waiting for a bite.

Lunch was PIZZA!!!! And after wolfing down some of the cheese or pepperoni variety of the dish, we learned who won the very first evening activity of the summer, Sock War. The Black Bears claimed the first victory and celebrated by singing their tribal fight song and then their tribal hymn. After Lunch, tribal elections occurred for both tribes. Golden Eagles chose Henry M as their Chief, Henry O as their Elder, and their Lookouts were Clay K and Rives J. On the Black Bear side of elections Lucas O was elected as Chief, William B as Elder, and Steele G and Henry H were chosen as Lookouts.

After some sweet treats at the Trading Post and tons of Thunderball and Nine Square in the Air, it was time for the third and fourth period activities. Down at the lake, Kayaking learned how to wet exit and canoeing learned the importance of team work as well as proper paddle technique. Swimming had some excellent relays for their first day. At the ranges, both Riflery and Archery learned the importance and necessity of range safety in addition the the proper aiming techniques in their respective activities. Tennis learned forehands and backhands and then played jail, around the world, and king of the court. Fencing also played king of the court after they learned the proper footwork and basic bladework. The bell was rung for dinner and surprise it was Taco in a Bag with churros as dessert, a camp favorite! After tables were cleaned, we finally learned what Evening Activity the Golden Eagles would be able to redeem themselves at or perhaps the Black Bears would be able to make it two zero for the start of the session… A mystically lovely sun set over Lake Nukem and as the stars came out everyone knew that the next day would be full of new friends and adventures.


Seth Brahney,

Fencing Instructor