Rise and Shine everyone! It’s Wednesday! Campers rolled out of their beds and made their way down for some amazing breakfast casseroles and bagels. After a morning yell heard all across the North Carolina mountains, we headed to Chapel for 3 camp classics including the Banana Song making its first appearance this summer. We then heard a powerful true story from Archie D. revolving around the question “Who is God?”
Afterwards, campers made a mad dash to the cabins to make them spotless (they hoped) before the first two activities. In mountain biking, kids learned braking, shifting, and body positioning in order to be prepared for the countless trail expeditions this session. Duke A. lead his team to victory in airsoft by eliminating 2 other players. Down at the lake in our brand new diving class, Grayson mastered his approach in diving!
Needing a refuel, everyone headed back to the dining hall in order to chow down on some MASSIVE corn dogs (contrary to our typical mini corn dogs) as well as some mac and cheese with some juicy grapes. First rule of the dining hall, don’t wear hats or else… It’s nothing bad, we just have to sing. We had our first set of campers sing two songs including the camp hymn and the Phineas and Ferb theme song which the entire dining hall belted. Winston then announced the cabin cleanup scores with Hawksbill (my cabin) and Greybeard tying for first with a 9.75!! We also cheered loudly as the Black Bear Tribe took the cake in Mission Impossible event from the night before.
Off campus today, Jack D., Henry O., Quinn B., Case M., Ryker R., and Ray S. all took on the Lower Green for the first kayaking trip of the summer! On another river, Nathaniel H., Ashton M., McKean K., and Augustus T. gave it their all while fly fishing, having an action packed day.
In the afternoon, even with a constant drizzle just light enough to make you think you didn’t need a raincoat, Davis H. and Cole O. had an excellent fencing class working on their form and learning how to lunge. Several campers during free time also earned their bronze in field sports showing off their skills in football, frisbee, and soccer.
In other exciting news Camp Timberlake had its first ever diving class today! The boys were very excited to get started and learn new skills. Tune into the camp instagram this evening to see some exclusive photos! By the end of the day, all the campers had been through a full rotation of their classes for both MWF and TTS.
Today was a top tier day for meals to be honest. Finishing off the trifecta was BBQ chicken with baby baked potatoes! The kitchen staff was not done yet though, the camp favorite chocolate chip cookies were for dessert which sparked them with energy to play the evening activities. For the lower cabins, they will be playing Bandits Rancheros while the upper cabins headed to Spencer’s Green for an energizing game of Ultimate Basketball. Tune in tomorrow for the results!
Chancellor Reynolds
Hawksbill Cabin
Black Bear for LIFE!!