Today started off as a humid and damp morning, with the sun rising on a Timberlake who’s nightly slumber was met with the white noise of a gentle but constant rain. Like most days at Timberlake, though, things started to heat up as the day went on, and the dew quickly evaporated as the sun moved further over the horizon.

Camp enjoyed a hearty breakfast of bacon and french toast sticks, a camp favorite. After breakfast, while most headed to chapel, some lucky campers got ready for a day of fun trips. Going whitewater rafting today was James A, Harrison C, Miles A, Nate G, Wyatt G, Tommy H, Leyton H, Case M, Preston R, Allen W, Noah P, and Jack D. Word around camp is that James A did a sweet flip off the front of the raft! Then going on a special climbing trip to go bouldering at a place called Beacon Heights was Sean A, Steele G, Robbie G, James W, David F, Will E, Andrew K, Will R, Henry VJ, and Luke T.

After chapel, the boys went to go clean their cabins as the day’s movements started to gain more and more momentum. Finally, it was time for activities to start and boy did they!! In archery the boys started working towards their bronze and silver bars, with Bates F getting his first two groupings for his bar! Speaking of groupings, Sam C, Rich J, and David F all got groupings today in Riflery. Not an easy task! Activities were hot today, but productive. I know I personally witnessed a ton of kids catch some huge fish in the lake today, and watched lots of smiles come as a result.

During free time today, Harrison C did an awesome trick off the diving tower. For lunch today, we ate one of my camp favorites, the greek chicken pita with tzatziki sauce and baked chips. Was absolutely delicious! Dinner was great too, with a nice meal of roasted pork loin and sweet potatoes.

The night ended with the entire camp playing a game called Ninja Training, which involves dressing up like ninjas (obviously) and completing different activity tasks across camp in order to earn points for your tribe! Anxiety about the results i’m sure will be brewing until lunch tomorrow, as the cycle starts again for another beautiful day at Timberlake!

Grant Hemsley,

Proud Golden Eagle