Friday morning started off as perfect as anyone can imagine. The sky was clear, the summer sun was shining, birds were chirping, and Timberlake staff and campers were waking up to start another amazing day! The campers eagerly make their way to breakfast where they enjoy hash browns and geometry breakfast. After breakfast and the morning yell, the campers make their way up to the chapel where they sang a camp favorite song called 40 days and nights of rain, and a powerful message was given by Colby S.

Following chapel and cabin cleanup, campers went to classes. Many campers showed off their skills by getting their coveted bars! Steele G, Miles S, Liam A, Clay K, Quinn B, Alex B got their bronze bars in the activities of fitness, rocketry, diving, and canoeing. Lucas O had himself a day by climbing the ranks today by getting his gold bar in climbing and him and his fellow camper Steele G also got their silver in archery! Although some campers didn’t get their bars, Friday was a day full of progress and success! Kenny C. did great on his paddling strokes in kayaking, Gus T got both a front and a back tuck in diving, Jack D tried mountain biking for the first time, and Ray S, Robb G, and Tucker C are prepared to launch rockets tomorrow!

Not only were campers enjoying their day on camp grounds, some campers got to go on an all-day hike in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. David F, Nat H, Henry L, Gowan J, Will E, Jayden S, Owen A, Henry A, and Alex B were the campers that got to experience the beauty of nature on a beautiful Friday afternoon. 

After an amazing day of classes, campers enjoyed the amazing chicken alfredo pasta and biscuits for dinner. Following dinner, junior campers competed in a game of Copa del Rio where they played a game of soccer with four goals between the black bears and golden eagles while senior campers had an evening of relaxation in their cabins. After the games, some campers were able to finish out their day by hopping into the lake!

As the sun sets on camp Timberlake, campers wind down and start to look forward to another day of having fun and learning about the word of God!

Kent Snoddy

Greybeard Cabin

Proud Golden Eagle