Today was yet another beautiful morning as the sun came up over the top of Spyglass Hill here at Camp Timberlake. However, today was extra special as everyone at camp got to sleep in a whole. extra. HOUR. As breakfast rolled around at 8:30, campers were able to enjoy a delicious combination of pancakes and sausage for breakfast alongside the unforgettable cereal lineup of Cocoa Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Cheerios. They then headed outside for the morning yell and went up to the chapel for worship and heard a true story from Winston H answering the question “What is sin?”

After heading on down to their cabins and cleaning with all their might to win that Golden Plunger, campers excitedly went to activities as they were eager to work towards their skills and bars. In airsoft, Barrett C won his 1vs4 match and Jay S got his bronze bar! Patterson S won a fencing bout and Jay S won against a counselor! Three more campers received bronze bars today with Ray S in wrestling and both Lucas O and Allen W in swimming! Today in basketball, campers scrimmaged and learned how to set screens. Just a few steps away in fitness class, Henry H ran his mile in 6:40 time, and in field sports Duma M got a nutmeg in soccer! In climbing, Jimmy A defied gravity and climbed the tower all the way to the top! 

Today was not only an awesome day full of in camp achievements, but also out of camp achievements with three separate trips exploring different areas of North Carolina! Out kayaking today was Henry O, Ryker R, Quinn B, Case M, David F, and Kenneth C. Mountain bikers included Hugh W, William B, Richard B, Noah P, Miles S, and Wyatt G. Repelling today down Curtis Creek Waterfall was Jack D, Lucas O, Allen W, Cole O, Tucker C, Carter T, Harrison C, and Liam A

Throughout the day campers enjoyed delicious meals including pepperoni and ham stromboli for lunch and hawaiian meatballs for dinner. But the best food of today was most definitely the oreo dream dessert: a delectable combination of crushed oreos, cool whip, and vanilla pudding. Ending off the festivities tonight was a tiring game of Counselor Hunt and the first Little Chief ceremony of the summer!

With an extra hour of sleep under our belts, memories of three awesome trips, and tons of achievements at camp today, Saturday, June 11th is going to be the day to beat as far as fun! Here are the achievements recognized at our first Little Chief ceremony of 2022!

Sons of Timberlake

3 Year

Alex B.

Luke B.

Quinn B.

James B.

Harrison C.

Kenneth C.

Elliot G.

Asher K.

Blake L.

Charles L.

Ray S.

Connor W.

6 Year

Sam C.

Leyton H.

Tucker L.

Dumisani M.

Case M.

Lucas O.

Miles S.

10 Year

Richard B.

William B.




Camper: James T., Knox B.

Counselor:Murphy D., Patterson S.

Finch’s Landing

Camper: Jim B., Mose C.

Counselor:Greyson H., Elliot A.

Further Up

Camper: Eric H., Charles L.

Counselor:Charles L., Jude K.

Further In

Camper: Jackson W., Andrew T.

Counselor: Nathan W., Luke B.


Camper: Steele G., Luke T.

Counselor: Robbie G., Edward T.


Camper: Connor W., Niel R.

Counselor: Connor W., Winston G.

Little Piney

Camper: Tucker L., Duke S.

Counselor: Hugh W., Tucker L.

Big Piney

Camper: Will E., Jayden S.

Counselor: David F., Jayden S.

Stomper’s Knob

Camper: Owen A., Barrett G.

Counselor: Edward S., Will C.

Little Slaty

Camper: Wyatt G., Case M.

Counselor: Sam C., Nate G.

Big Slaty

Camper: Huck P., William B.

Counselor: Richard B., Jimmy A.


Camper: Lucas O.

Counselor: Lucas O.



Lucas O. : Archery, Silver

Quinn B: Canoeing, Bronze

Alex B: Canoeing Bronze

David F. : Climbing, Bronze

Miles S: Diving, Silver

Nate G: Field Sports, Bronze

Will R.: Field Sports, Bronze

Will R: Field Sports, Silver

Will C. Field Sports, Bronze

Will C: Field Sports, Silver

Connall S: Field Sports, Bronze

Duke S: Field Sports, Bronze

Edward S: Field Sports, Bronze

Shepard B: Field Sports, Bronze

Ryan H: Field Sports, Bronze

Edward B: Fields Sports, Bronze

Edward B: Fields Sports, Silver

Clay K: Fitness, Bronze

Robert G: Fitness, Bronze

Wyatt G: Fitness, Bronze

Reed M: Fitness, Bronze

Allen W: Fitness, Bronze

Steele G: Rocketry, Silver

Ray S: Wrestling, Bronze




Edward B.

Robert G.

Eric H.

Clay K.

Asher K.

Edward T.

Jackson W.


Luke B.

Jim B.

Mose C.

Charles L.


Steele G.

Neil R.

Connor W.


Harrison C.

James G.

Nate G.

Case M.

Ryker R.

Jaden S.

Connall S.


John C.

Henry M.


Lucas O.


Rebecca Burrow,


Mighty Black Bear