Nothing beats a Sunday at Timberlake! This morning, the camp was excited to find a Timberlake
breakfast classic: cinnamon rolls. After devouring these delicious pastries, the boys marched to
the chapel for an extended Sunday service filled with enthusiastic singing. Each counselor
prayed for their cabin, many wishing their campers laughter and growth throughout the next
week of the session. The morning was filled with contests and activities.

Many boys fished, enjoying the peaceful lake and the cool morning breeze. Several adventurous campers entered
the frog catching contest where Steele G. was victorious, finding the largest frog on the banks of
the lake. Zach W. constructed the winning sandcastle, “The Treasury”, during the sandcastle
building contest, while Miles A., Blake L., and Rich J. were busy playing giant Jenga on the
porch of the Outback. Many boys rushed to the Mark to play in the 3 vs. 3 basketball
tournament, where Neal R. kept hitting three pointer shots, one after the other.

While Sunday is a day without a typical schedule or daily activities here at Timberlake, Robby G. and Ray S.
continued honing their skills in rocketry after decorating their rockets in class yesterday. Robby G
earned his silver while Ray S reigned in the bronze after launching their rockets. Henry A., Liam A.,
Alex B., Shepard B., Tucker C., Harrison C., Chase J., Noah J., Will E., David F., Cole O., and
Carter T. ventured on a rafting trip to Section 9 of the French Broad River. Tucker C fell out of the
raft a few times but was quickly pulled back into action and kept a smile on his face the whole

Back at camp, our youngest cabin Huckleberry said goodbye to nine wonderful campers
and welcomed nine new boys into the family, who jumped right into gaga ball with their new
friends. We were pleasantly surprised by fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans for
lunch followed by dessert at lunch–apple turnovers! The entire dining hall erupted with
excitement when Little Slaty achieved a perfect 10 on their cabin score. Campers and counselors
alike were all glad to have a whole hour for rest time to recharge for an eventful afternoon.
Following naps and quiet card games, a mad rush to the Trading Post ensued, where boys
prepared for free swim with today’s favorite: fig bars and red Gatorade.

Campers dispersed to the blob tower, rope swing, and kayaking lagoon where they mastered their lake skills across the
board. Each cabin enjoyed a pizza party in their cabin, with pizza, salad, and chocolate chip
cookies delivered around camp by the senior staff team. With full bellies and wide smiles, the
campers flocked to the chapel for Sunday Vespers. McKeen K. entertained everyone with his
improv skills, executing a classic camp skit “The Big House is on Fire.” After dancing and
singing to Taylor Swift, Golden Eagles and Black Bears sprinted to find the gold sprinkled
around during tonight’s evening activity, Gold Rush. The first Sunday this summer turned out to
be a wild success, with boys growing in so many new ways. We are so excited to start this next
week of activities after such a joyful day. Thank you for sharing your boys with us this summer,
they are having a blast and we love seeing their growth and their joy here at camp.


Huckleberry Cabin Mom