Starting the Week Off Right!

Sweet smells of fresh-baked cinnamon french toast and hearty sausage links drifted down from the Tuck as Camp Timberlake this beautiful Monday morning. After filling up for the day with this delicious meal, campers and staff headed over to the chapel to sing some camp-favorite worship songs and hear a message about who Jesus is, from our fantastic waterfront director Lucie C.

As we approach the heart of the summer, the heat is cranking up… and so is the fun! Morning activities were a blast. Hugh W showed some incredible technique on the Timberlake trails and earned his bronze in mountain biking. Meanwhile, a handful of boys including Luke B, Edward B, Carter C, Jack P, Andrew T, and Henry V headed off to the river on an exciting and catch-filled fly-fishing trip! Over in puppy camp, Case M and Parker J played with two of our puppies Holly and Frazer. Before lunch, we all remembered to hydrate on a cloudless, sunny morning, thanks to water coolers placed around camp.

Hungry and needing to refuel for the afternoon, the Timberlake boys ventured back to the Tuck for a special meal featuring cheese quesadillas, delicious chicken tortilla soup, and fresh mandarin orange salad. Finishing up the meal, we found out who won last night’s Gold Rush activity… The Golden Eagles!!! I can still hear the fight song and tribe hymn echoing around the dining hall walls – one of my favorite camp traditions. Post-lunch rest time was taken much advantage of today as we geared up for another fun-filled afternoon.

During free time, Ray S. started on his gold-level model rocket in the rocketry workshop. As afternoon activities began, the fun kicked up even more. Miles S became the first camper ever to achieve gold in Timberlake’s newest activity – diving! Over at the climbing tower, Holden G and Wyatt G both mock lead climbed today like professionals. The puppies were sleepy after a busy morning, so Cole G and Alex D cuddled with them. Many campers including Steele G and Luke T tried the pottery wheels for the first time and learned how to center the clay on the wheel. Rich J, Miles A, Barrett C, Owen A, and Barrett G returned from the summer’s first overnight backpacking trip to nearby Shortoff mountain.

Waves of hungry campers and staff hurried back to the Tuck for a hearty dinner of smoked ham, fresh peas, creamy mac and cheese, and refreshing caesar salad. Anticipation reached a peak at the end of the meal leading up to the announcement of tonight’s evening activity: El Presidente! Tomorrow we will find out the winner, and the tribe that is one step closer to the coveted Session 1 banner.

Jordan Rustin

Junior Camp Cabin Area Director

Proud Golden Eagle