Today was a glorious day at the magical Camp Timberlake. After a morning drizzle, the sun appeared, the birds chirped, and the bell rang. It was time for breakfast! This morning we were greeted with ole trusty, everyone’s favorite, your traditional breakfast smorgasbord. We had eggs, we had bacon, and we had biscuits. Make a breakfast sandwich? Sure! Why not! And we can’t forget the neighborhood table, which had oatmeal, grapefruit, orange juice, apple juice, milk, AND cereal, and by cereal, we really mean Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or as we call it, CTC, the prime star of everyone’s meal. 

Our bellies were full, and it was time for campers to take some trips! We had Case M., Henry O., Ryker R., Kenny C., Quinn B., and Miles S. go on a kayaking trip down the BEAUTIFUL Nantahala. We also had Hudson W., Hobby L., Allen W., Noah P., and Lucas O. go on an exciting climbing trip to Rumbling Bald! I am here to report that both trips had an amazing time. 

Although there was a climbing trip, the climbing class at camp still carried on as usual. And we are glad it did because Dominic P. climbed the tower for his very first time! Jude K. shot a bullseye in the archery class. I will say it again, a BULLSEYE! Harrison C. also had a great day in archery where he got his silver! If your camper is in pottery class; they took a big step today. Drum roll please…… they learned how to center their clay! They are getting close, and it’s almost time to spin. that. wheel! I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to see their creations. Last but certainly not least, basketball. Finn S., Harrison C., and Wesley S., got their bronzes in basketball! Win R. and Neil R. worked towards their gold! Can I get a swoosh?!

It was time for lunch, which we love, but not just for the food. Lunchtime is the second-best time, behind rest time of course, BECAUSE that is when we hear who won last night’s evening activity. The Black Bears and Golden Eagles had a brotherly competition of El Presidente. Our sultan of fun walked to the front of The Tuck. Everyone grew silent and he let out a yell….Black Bears! After songs of victory were sung, both tribes left The Tuck for some well-deserved rest time – the best time. 

We continued the day with a full afternoon of activities, but we can’t forget Trade Po and free time. Lower Camp had a blast today during their free time at free swim – a fan favorite! Everyone stayed busy, busy, busy, working towards their bars in their activities for the rest of the afternoon! The dinner bell rang and it was time to feast. Pasta, broccoli, bread, salad, rice, beans, need I say more? It was almost as if the Black Bears and Golden Eagles were preparing for another evening competition. 

The Black Bears took the victory last night, BUT the Golden Eagles are battling for redemption as I type. An epic game of Bandits Rancheros is underway! Who will win? We shall find out tomorrow! Meanwhile, our junior camp cabins are taking a break from the competition to spend time with their cabins at cabin night! The slip n slide, lake, and SMORES are all on tonight’s agenda. Yum, yum, yum. Just as delicious as Henry O.’s smore’s cookie birthday cake!

It has truly been a wonderful day at Camp Timberlake! 


Caroline Malatesta Horn 

(Winston’s wife)