Campers awoke this morning excited to conquer the last day of Session 1A in the mystic loveliness of Camp Timberlake. The boys flocked to breakfast where they enjoyed a delicious meal of biscuits, eggs, hashbrowns and fruit, fueling up for the day ahead. After one of the loudest Morning Yells I have ever heard, campers sang and danced to “Star of the Morning” and more worship songs in the chapel. John’s true story taught the campers about having a relationship with God and being faithful to Jesus.

Boys ran to their cabins to clean one last time before heading to activities to continue gaining experience and skills while spending time with their friends. When lunch time rolled around, everyone’s day was brightened by a camp favorite– “tacos in a bag”! This wonderful concoction consists of Frito chips with taco meat and lots of toppings. At the end of the meal, John announced that Greybeard won the Golden Plunger, which comes with a pizza party
tonight, for having the cleanest cabin all session. As the oldest campers celebrated their win, the rest of camp returned to their cabins for rest time.

In free time, Rives J practiced his free style, while strengthening his back stroke. Case M and Tucker L together reeled in a fish from the dock, the first catch of the day! Timberlake was blessed with cloud cover and a cool breeze, allowing all of the boys to thrive in every afternoon activity. Robby G launched his gold rocket in rocketry while other boys watched with great enthusiasm. Lucas G climbed the gold boulder route, which was a very impressive feat. Speaking of climbing, counselor Colby S reported an incredible climbing trip to Little Lost Cove. Allen W, Rich J, Hudson W, Andrew I, Neil R, and Conner W acted like climbing professionals as they scaled the wall, each one bringing back wonderful memories. Dinner came early to allow extra time for evening activities, including both Little Chief and Commando. The Little Chief ceremony recognized campers embodying the true values of camp through commendations, bars, and promotions. Every camper votes within their cabin for camper commendations to award their peers for showing servant leadership. Counselors also vote for their campers to receive counselor commendations. In each activity, campers can work towards bars by completing challenging tasks and proving their skills. Finally, as campers accumulate marks from commendations and bars, they can be promoted to higher ranks in the Little Chief system. This ceremony is wonderful display of campers who invest themselves in the camp mission and act as role models for their peers. After the Little Chief ceremony, Golden Eagles and Black Bears competed in Commando. We will find out tomorrow who was victorious in this giant water balloon fight, but the smile on each boy’s face can only mean that they had a blast. Here are the achievements recognized at our first Little Chief ceremony of 2022!


Camper: Neal C, Arav S, Thomas M
Counselor: Grant F, Holden G

Finch’s Landing
Camper: Mose C, Jim B
Counselor: Mose C, Luca M

Further Up
Camper: Jude K, Whit W
Counselor: Charlie B, Harrison T

Further In
Camper: Nathan W, Andrew T
Counselor: Clay K, Nathan W

Camper: Edward T, Luke T
Counselor: Steel G, James W

Camper: Neil R, Winston G
Counselor: McRae E, Dylan H

Little Piney
Camper: Will R, Stephen J
Counselor: Wyatt F, Andrew K

Big Piney
Camper: David F, Will E
Counselor: Harrison C, Shepherd B

Stomper’s Knob
Camper: Will C, Owen A
Counselor: Barrett G, Duma M

Little Slaty
Camper: Wyatt G, Barrett C
Counselor: Wyatt G, Nate G

Big Slaty
Camper: Huck P, William B
Counselor: Huck P, Richard B

Camper: Lucas O
Counselor: Miles S



MacRae E

Jude K
Andrew T
Luke T
Nathan W
Winston G
Henry H
Rhodes R

Robbie G
Elliot G
Steele G
Matthew G

Alex B
Shepard B
Will E
Will C
Duma M

Wyatt G
Ray S

Huck P

Miles S

Bronze: Jayden S, Sean A, Tucker C, Duke A
Silver: Jay S, Ray S

Bronze: Harrison C
Silver: Harrison C


Bronze: Edward S, Gowan J, Wesley S, Finn S, Harrison C
Silver: Shepherd B, Wesley S, Finn S, Jimmy A

Bronze: Robby G, Allen W
Silver: Lucas O

Disc Golf:
Bronze: Edward S

Bronze: Steel G, Liam A, Harrison C, Augustus T, Owen A
Gold: Miles S

Bronze: Barret G, Nate F, Connor W, Clay K, Harrison T,

Field Sports:
Bronze: Henry H, Jackson W, Wyatt G, Edward I

Silver: Tommy H

Bronze: Murphy D., MacRae E, Henry M, Richard B, William B, Dylan H, McKean K,
Sebastian P, James B, Barrett Cl, Kenneth C, Steele G, Ryker R, Danny W
Silver: Sam C, Huck P

Bronze: Nate G
Silver: Case M
Gold: Miles S

Mountain Biking:
Bronze: Hugh W

Bronze: Connor W, Rich J, Reed M, Grant C, Allen W, James A, Luke B, Sullivan F, David F
Silver: Lucas O

Bronze: Ray S, Harrison C, Holden G, Cole G, Luke T, Asher K, Andrew T, Elliot A, Sullivan F
Silver: Elliot G, Rhodes R, Tucker C, Matthew G, Robby G

Bronze: Luca O, Allen W

Bronze: Andrew I, Charlie B, Rives J
Silver: Nate G

Bronze: Robby G
Silver: Ray S


Huckleberry Cabin Mom