As Revile rang out over the hills, through the cabins, and across the lake, campers awakened with a new excitement to begin their activities for the day! We had another brisk morning as campers (some reluctantly) rolled out of their beds and got ready to walk to the Tuck for breakfast. Today we ate French Toast Sticks with Bacon accompanied by Cantaloupe and Honeydew, a Camp Timberlake favorite. After breakfast was dismissed and the morning yelled echoed off Spyglass Hill across the lake, we ran to the Chapel where we sang Anchor for Our Soul, Noah, and Light the Fire. Our True Story today was from Catherine Menendez and was about how God raises us from our helplessness and sets our feet on a firm Rock (Psalm 40:1-3). From Chapel, we went off to “Clean Those Cabins!” We take our Cabin Cleanup very seriously at Camp with the cabin earning the highest cabin cleanup average at the end of the session winning a pizza party and the Golden Plunger. Our oldest cabin, Greybeard, was the victor today with an impressive 9.75/10! 

An exciting Canoeing trip conquered the mighty Section 4 of the French Broad River today. That trip consisted of Ryker R., Banks P., Mason S., Garrett S., and David F., and was led by our very own Waterfront Director, Lucie Christian, as well as Caleb Owen, the Counselor in Training Director, and Josh Rodriguez, one of the brave Huckleberry Counselors. They returned to Camp just in time for dinner!

After Cabin Cleanup, the campers headed off to their morning activities. In Climbing, Lucas O. and Will B. completed their Releasable Rappel for their Gold Bars and the rest of the campers learned how to Belay. At the Beach Front, fishing had a remarkably successful day with four bass being caught. Canoeing had fun Swamping their boats and learned how to Un-swamp them soon after. In Kayaking, Case E. mastered his Side-By-Side Rescue. Across the water at Diving, Wix F. and Wyatt M. learned how to approach a jump by timing steps and bounces. As the bugle called for the end of our second activity period, campers eagerly ran to see what was for lunch.

To everyone’s elation, it was Turkey, Bacon, and Cheese Sandwiches on Croissants with freshly made Potato Chips. At lunch, our Sultan of Fun (Evening Activity Director), Archie Dees, announced that the Black Bears won last night’s Junior Camp game of California Kickball and the Golden Eagles won the Senior Camp game of Stealing Skins. We continued to the best time, Rest Time, where campers relaxed in their bunks to regain energy for the second half of the day. Leaving Rest Time, Campers dashed down to the Trading Post to get their daily snack and drink, and play games like Thunderball, Nine Square In-The-Air, and Tetherball. At 2:45 PM, Free Time ended, and campers marched off to their afternoon activities.

The Activity of Field Sports learned how to play defense in the game of Soccer. In Archery, Barrett C. and Brayden C. both shot groupings moving them closer to their Silver Bars. Disk Golf enjoyed playing the Back 9 holes that span their way across the property. At the Tennis Courts, Bennett H. and Rogers H. ran the show during a hotly contested game of King-of-the-Court. While we love our activities, there are very few things campers enjoy more than eating. So, we ran once more to the Tuck where we enjoyed wonderful Penne Pasta with alfredo sauce and Chicken, fresh Bread, and the most amazing Roasted Broccoli. For Dessert, campers were glad to see the counselors return to the table with Ice Cream Sandwiches, another Camp favorite! After we had cleaned all the tables from our meal, it was announced that tonight, we would be playing Age of Empires!

Age of Empires is a legendary evening activity in which the counselors come up with their own imaginary countries that act as conquest points around Camp. Campers from each tribe must conquer and maintain each base by getting members of the opposing tribe out. This is done by pulling the flag (a spare shirt tucked into campers’ shorts with about a foot of length hanging from the waistband) of another camper. As the game continues, the winner will be announced tomorrow at lunch time.

As the sun sets and campers enjoy post-evening activities with their cabins, showers abound to rinse off the sweat from another wonderful day at Camp Timberlake! Closing the evening, we are reminded of God’s majesty as the sun dances across the mountains and through the valleys to reach our Camp. We go to bed tonight excited and thankful for another new day and the opportunity to continue growing as a Camp through Friends and Adventure. Thank you so much for reading!

Owen Stout

Counselor for Little Slaty

Head of Rocketry

Proud Golden Eagle 

Little Chief