The campers started their morning just like any other fabulous day at camp without a clue of what was to come. They went to chapel and learned about what the day was holding… TRIBAL PALOOZA! A day filled with all sorts of games to earn points for the banner. One of the games was Hunger games which takes up most of the day and is the main event. After a hard-fought battle, one victor emerged, and that victor was Henry M.

While the oldest boys at camp participated in Hunger Games, all the other campers played El Presidente. After El Presidente, we all went to the dining hall to replenish after hard fought games. Archery was open during free time today for kids to practice their skills and there was an hour-long rest time.

After free time, it was back to an intense game of Pirate Ball for Senior Camp and sweeping the playing field in kayak polo was Jack D and in water polo was Garret S and Lucas O Junior Camp played Bandits Rancheros where Wickes F and Bronson P played their hearts out for their tribes. Once these games were finished, we all headed back to dinner where we learned that tonight’s activity was Little Chief and Shaving Cream Wars. Below are the awards being given out at the Little Chief ceremony tonight.

Sons of Timberlake

3 Year

Charlie A.

London A.

Elliot C.

George d.

Jack D.

Eli F.

Daniel G.

Ben G.

Samuel H.

Rogers H.

Cooper K.

Peter K.


Owen M.

Wyatt M.

Colin M.

Michael O.

Haile S.

Drew S.

Whit T.

Wills W.

Logan W.

Owen W.

6 Year

Fox S.



Camper: Ryder S., Will M.

Counselor: Ryder S., Bennett H.

Finch’s Landing
Camper: Haile S., Owen G.
Counselor: Hayes T., Dillon O.

Further Up

Camper: William E., Eric H.

Counselor: William E., Wickes F.

Further In

Camper: Loren C., Reed P.

Counselor: Pace W., Jackson R.


Camper: Andrew R., Lewis J.

Counselor: Nicholas R., Ellis B.


Camper: Solomon P., Drew S.

Counselor: McKean K., Matthew G.

Little Piney

Camper: Rogers H., Clarke B.

Counselor: Gus A., Collins K.

Big Piney

Camper: Michael O., Walker D.

Counselor: Graham P., Wills W.

Stomper’s Knob

Camper: Justin F., Cooper K.

Counselor: Mason S., Banks P.

Little Slaty

Camper: Case E., Gus C., Jerry D.

Counselor: Ben M., Davis A., Jack V.

Big Slaty 

Camper: Charles T., Jack D.

Counselor: Jack D., Huck P.


Camper: Lucas O.

Counselor: Brayden C.


Lucas O 3 trips 2 week elective Mark
Nicholas R Airsoft Bronze
Jack D Airsoft Bronze
Barrett C Archery Bronze
Sam C Archery Bronze
Brayden C Archery Silver
Haile S Basketball Bronze
Lawson M Basketball Bronze
Clark B Basketball Bronze
Cade D Basketball Bronze
Ben M Basketball Bronze
Grayson B Basketball Bronze
Walker D Basketball Bronze
Wills W Basketball Bronze
Archer B Basketball Bronze
Garrett S Canoeing Silver
Ryker R Canoeing Silver
Banks P Canoeing Bronze
Henry O Canoeing Bronze
Henry O Climbing Bronze
Hunter P Diving Bronze
Peter K Diving Bronze
Hudson E Fitness Bronze
Landon S Fitness Bronze
Clark B Fitness Bronze
Jack D FItness Bronze
Lewis J Fitness Bronze
Lucas O Fitness Bronze
Lucas O Fitness Silver
Brayden C Fitness Bronze
Charlie A Fitness Bronze
Case E Kayaking Bronze
Cooper K Kayaking Bronze
Drew S Kayaking Bronze
Harrison C mountain biking Silver
Gus C Riflery Bronze
John C Riflery Silver
Jack V Riflery Bronze
Charlie A Riflery Bronze
Wright G Swimming Bronze
Jack D Swimming Bronze
Cade D Tennis Bronze
Banks P Tennis Bronze
Rogers H Tennis Bronze


Loren C

Elliot C

Ben G


Bo O

Reed P

Bronson P

Solomon P

Lewis S

Drew S

Hayes T

Ryder S


William E

William F


Harrison C

Jack D

Jack D

Case E

Wes H

Grant H

Cooper K

Matt R


Bryce B


Brayden C