Another amazing day at Timberlake started here as a warm, but cloudy sky threatened rain while campers slowly woke to the sound of reveille playing across the camp. Despite the weather, everything started here on a high note as waffles and sausage were passed around for all to take their fill in at breakfast, with of course, a plentiful amount of syrup for all to use to their desire. With everyone energized and excited by either the amazing breakfast or the sugar from the syrup on it, we headed over to the chapel to hear an amazing story and message from Seth about the meaning of sin (never trust weird snakes above doors – they’re probably not just prank toys). Everyone’s spirits continued to lift as the clouds also lifted from the camp and we headed to do our best to make our cabins as clean as possible. As we learned later at lunch, four cabins in particular weren’t just jamming out to the Bee Gees time during this hour, but were in fact putting in some serious attention to their cleaning. Cabins Further In, Huckleberry, and Little Slaty all stacked impressive 9.0 to tie for their second place, while Greybeard, yet again, took the victory with a 9.5.

Our camp trips started to take place as all of this was happening, with our fishing masters Wright G, Jermias D, Gus C, and Landon S heading out to test their luck and skill on the rods at North Mill Creek. The fishing group wasn’t the only group getting in on the morning trip action here at Timberlake, as Eli F, Hudson E, Richard B, Barrett C, Ben M, Jack V, Bosten P, Case E, Mason S, and Duma M all made their way to the Veterans Park in Black Mountain to really show off their technique and skills in Disc golf. And finally, an intrepid group of backpackers headed out on an overnight trip to Tom’s creek. Grant H, Connor D, Matt R, Alex F, Davis A, Justin F, Barrett G and Ben H are probably sitting around a campfire right now enjoying some s’mores and a spectacular sunset. We can’t wait to hear all about their adventure when they get back to camp tomorrow.

The trip campers were not the only ones having fun this morning though, as multiple others completed some impressive feats in their other classes. Whit T. and Peter K. earned Bronze in rocketry, while Harrison C received his silver as well. The airsoft area was just as busy as Jack D. and Nicholas R. got their bronze also while Riley B. won a tournament in the arena. Just over the hill at archery, Brayden C. also got his silver at the expense of the inner ring of the arrow targets he was shooting at.

After a great morning of achievement, the campers came in to chow down on a classic, but classy meal of hamburgers and french fries topped by only the best drink at camp – a cold icy glass of water. After a relaxing time of letter writing, reading, and possible napping, the campers jumped right back into the action for the afternoon classes. The classes down at the lake weren’t just sunbathing this afternoon on the beach, but were also hard at work doing some really cool things.

Firstly, the canoeing class fit two whole classes on the Voyager (our humongous canoe) while back on the dock, CJ R. caught the biggest bass of the year in fishing class! Up at the chapel looking over the frenzy of achievement was the guitar class where Lucas O, Sam C, and Huck P all learned Wonderwall by Oasis. Finally, fitness wrapped up the end of the classes as Brayden C, Charlie A, and Lucas O all earned their bronze through the blazing sun of the afternoon. After a hard day of work and fun, dinner did not sway from the theme of the day and was in fact, awesome. Chicken parmesan and garlic cheddar biscuits fueled the campers as they got dressed and ready for quidditch among the senior camp and junior camp cabin night. These exhilarating games wrapped up another full, fun, and fulfilling day at Camp Timberlake leaving everyone tired, yet excited for what is to show up tomorrow!

Rien Freeman
Counselor, Big Piney
Backpacking enthusiast