It has been an amazing past two weeks watching these campers grow not only through their activities, but also through their cabins, tribes, and friends. Tonight, we celebrated everything amazing that these boys have achieved during their time here at Timberlake this summer. Huge congratulations to all of our boys on all their hard work, including Brayden C, Camp Timberlake’s newest Little Chief! It is sad that these boys will be leaving us tomorrow, but we cannot wait for them to share new stories and memories about this summer here at camp! Below are all the incredible things we celebrated tonight at our closing campfire.

Sons of Timberlake

3 Year

Lucas B

Barrett B

Ford B

Noah B

Finley C

Tristan D

Bishop D

Kirk F

Jackson G

Jacob H

Jude H

Luke H

Will H

Michael L

Kolson M

Knox M

Cam M

Teddy M

Joe M

Duncan N

Peyton N

Benjamin P

Sheppard S

Simeon S

Connor T

John W

Harrison W

Gray W

Jaik W


6 Year

John B

Evan B

Parker D

Chase G

Robert S

Nolan S

Daniel V

Trey W


10 Year

Thomas H

Max C




Counselor: William N, Max D

Camper: Charlie W, Nicholas P


Finch’s Landing
Counselor: Isaac H, Harrison B

CamperHarrison B, Mick L


Further Up

Counselor: Bobby D, Jackson G

Camper: Luke M, Ethan C


Further In

Counselor:  Thax M, Mason L

Camper: Kolson M, George dB



Counselor: Sam G, Max G

Camper: Will M, Blake P



Counselor: Joe M, Colin G

Camper: Elias W, Teddy M


Little Piney

Counselor: Trey R, Andrew R, Simeon S

Camper: Benji P, Neel S, Emerson F


Big Piney

Counselor: Jacob H, Phillip H, Jackson M

CamperCarson B, Hutton S, John David A


Stomper’s Knob

Counselor: Giancarlo Z, Charlie A, Powell M

Camper: Gary M, Britt M, Will V


Little Slaty

Counselor: Wait M, Jack V, Reid P

Camper: Graham W, Pace L, Barrett B


Big Slaty: 

Counselor: Evan B, Brodie B, Ford B

Camper: Ford B, Wells F, Charlie V



Counselor: Brayden C, Will M, Rees R

Camper: Eli G, Jack D, Daniel V



Giancarlo Z Airsoft Bronze
George dB Airsoft Bronze
Cam M Airsoft Bronze
Jack H Airsoft Bronze
Carson K Airsoft Bronze
Parker D Airsoft Gold
Gabe W Airsoft Silver
Cam M Airsoft Silver
Jack H Airsoft Silver
William M Airsoft Silver
Charlie A Archery Bronze
Graham W Backpacking Bronze
Jaik W Basketball Bronze
Aaron C Basketball Bronze
George dB Basketball Bronze
Thax M Basketball Bronze
Kolson M Basketball Bronze
Hayes D Basketball Bronze
Chase G Basketball Bronze
Jack V Climbing Bronze
Braxton F Climbing Bronze
Jack V Climbing Silver
James A Disc Golf Bronze
Emerson F Disc Golf Bronze
Gary M Disc Golf Bronze
Noah F Disc Golf Bronze
Evan B Disc Golf Bronze
Charlie V Disc Golf Bronze
Noah V Disc Golf Bronze
Logan O Disc Golf Bronze
Wait M Disc Golf Bronze
Jude H Disc Golf Bronze
Brit M Disc Golf Bronze
Enzo R Disc Golf Bronze
Brit M Disc Golf Silver
William V Diving Bronze
Hank K Diving Bronze
Andrew R Diving Bronze
Hutton S Diving Bronze
Aaron C Diving Bronze
MacCaslin C Diving Bronze
Carson B Diving Bronze
Phillip H Diving Bronze
William M Diving Bronze
Evan B Diving Bronze
Jack W Diving Gold
Jack W Diving Silver
Aaron C Diving Silver
Hutton S Diving Silver
Jack B Fencing Bronze
Jackson G Fencing Bronze
Thomas C Fencing Bronze
Jack V Fencing Bronze
Harrison B Fencing Bronze
Ethan C Fencing Bronze
Maxwell D Fencing Bronze
Barnes Z Fencing Bronze
Charlie C Fencing Bronze
Max G Fencing Bronze
Alex H Fencing Bronze
Luke L Fencing Bronze
Ryan M Fencing Bronze
Francesco P Fencing Bronze
Mason L Fencing Bronze
Witt G Fencing Bronze
Aaron C Fencing Bronze
Jack H Fencing Bronze
John A Field Sports Bronze
Miles K Field Sports Bronze
Chase G Field Sports Bronze
Jackson M Field Sports Bronze
Britt M Field Sports Bronze
Giancarlo Z Field Sports Bronze
Wells F Field Sports Bronze
Elijah G Field Sports Bronze
Graham W Field Sports Bronze
Francesco P Field Sports Bronze
Jacob S Field Sports Bronze
Evan M Field Sports Bronze
Nic R Field Sports Bronze
Kolson M Field Sports Bronze
Hudson M Field Sports Bronze
Aiden M Field Sports Bronze
Will P Field Sports Bronze
Trey R Field Sports Bronze
Bishop D Field Sports Bronze
Charlie W Field Sports Bronze
Evan B Field Sports Bronze
Evan B Field Sports Silver
Graham W Field Sports Silver
Jackson M Field Sports Silver
Luke H Field Sports Silver
Logan O Field Sports Silver
Charles V Field Sports Silver
Will P Field Sports Silver
Giancarlo Z Field Sports Silver
Thax M Field Sports Silver
Britt M Field Sports Silver
Wells F Field Sports Silver
Gray W Field Sports Silver
Trey W Fitness Bronze
Charlie W Fitness Bronze
Rees R Fitness Bronze
Aidan M Fitness Bronze
Enzo R Fitness Bronze
Luke H FItness Bronze
Will E Fitness Bronze
Garrett S Fitness Bronze
Daniel V Fitness Silver
Ford B Fitness Silver
Jude H Fitness Silver
Will P Fitness Silver
Sam G Fitness Silver
Parker D Fitness Silver
Brayden C Fitness Silver
Eli G Fitness Silver
Michael T Guitar Bronze
Barrett B Guitar Bronze
Carson B Improv Bronze
Aaron C Improv Bronze
Drew D Improv Bronze
Nicolas F Improv Bronze
Kyle G Improv Bronze
Jacob H Improv Bronze
Duncan N Improv Bronze
Wells F Improv Bronze
Brayden C Improv Bronze
Luke H Improv Bronze
Brit M Improv Bronze
Wait M Improv Bronze
Evan M Improv Bronze
Eli M Improv Bronze
Andrew R Improv Bronze
Charles V Improv Bronze
Michael L Improv Bronze
Reid P Improv Bronze
Aidan P Improv Bronze
Thax M Improv Bronze
Teddy M Improv Bronze
Gary M Improv Bronze
Andrew R Improv Bronze
Jack W Improv Bronze
Wells F Improv Gold
Jack W Improv Gold
Gavin W Improv Gold
Andrew R Improv Gold
Charles V Improv Gold
Brayden C Improv Silver
Aaron C Improv Silver
Drew D Improv Silver
Nicolas F Improv Silver
Aidan P Improv Silver
Gavin W Improv Silver
Carson B Improv Silver
Brayden C Improv Silver
Wells F Improv Silver
Brit M Improv Silver
Thax M Improv Silver
Eli M Improv Silver
Patrick A Improv Silver
Wait M Improv Silver
Gary M Improv Silver
Blake P Improv Silver
Andrew R Improv Silver
Aubrey S Improv Silver
Charles V Improv Silver
Jack W Improv Silver
Teddy M Improv Silver
Evan M Improv Silver
Giancarlo Z Kayaking Bronze
Hayden C Kayaking Bronze
Powell M Kayaking Bronze
Carson K Kayaking Bronze
Jack W Kayaking Silver
Garrett S Kayaking Gold
Brayden C Mountain Biking Gold
Elliot D Mountain Biking Gold
Charlie D Mountain Biking Gold
Elliot D Mountain Biking Silver
Charlie D Mountain Biking Silver
Knox M Riflery Bronze
Barrett B Riflery Bronze
Luke L Riflery Bronze
Wait M Riflery Bronze
Louis F Riflery Bronze
Jackson M Riflery Bronze
Jacob H Riflery Silver
Jack V Riflery Silver
Cam M Rocketry Bronze
Brit M Rocketry Bronze
Cole B Rocketry Bronze
Aiden M Rocketry Bronze
Hayes D Rocketry Bronze
Noah V Rocketry Bronze
Charlie C Rocketry Bronze
Miles K Rocketry Bronze
James H Rocketry Bronze
Collin G Rocketry Bronze
Patrick A Rocketry Bronze
Micheal L Rocketry Bronze
Charlie L Rocketry Bronze
Noah P Rocketry Bronze
Jack D Rocketry Bronze
Witt G Rocketry Bronze
Mac C Rocketry Bronze
Luke F Rocketry Bronze
Enzo R Rocketry Bronze
Francesco P Rocketry Bronze
Ryan M Rocketry Bronze
David Allen B Rocketry Bronze
Gray W Rocketry Bronze
Reid P Rocketry Bronze
Harrison B Rocketry Bronze
William N Rocketry Bronze
Charles C Rocketry Bronze
Maxwell D Rocketry Bronze
Alex H Rocketry Bronze
Luke L Rocketry Bronze
Lucas B Rocketry Bronze
Thomas C Rocketry Bronze
Teddy M Rocketry Bronze
Elias W Rocketry Bronze
Neel S Rocketry Bronze
Brayden C Rocketry Gold
Connor T Rocketry Gold
Charlie A Rocketry Silver
Rhett C Rocketry Silver
Nic R Rocketry Silver
Jackson G Rocketry Silver
Jack H Swimming Bronze
Carson K Swimming Bronze
Jack H Swimming Gold
McCaslin C Swimming Gold
Jack H Swimming Silver
Gary M Swimming Silver
Carson K Swimming Silver
David Allen B Tennis Silver
Andrew R Tennis Silver
Jake O Tennis Bronze
Daniel V Wrestling Silver
Jude H Wrestling Bronze
Jacob H Wrestling Bronze
Cole B Wrestling Bronze
Pace L Wrestling Gold



LC Promotions 


Aaron C

Bobby D

Alex H

Luke L 

Luke M

Evan M

Eli M

William N

Francesco P

Nic R 

Charlie W



Lucas B

Harrison B

Jackson G

Jack H

Joe M

Aidan P

Connor T



George dB

Elias W



Thax M

William M


Tracker – 

Charlie A

Elliot D

Eli G

Luke H

Brit M

Britt M

Jackson M

Will P

Giancarlo Z



Barrett B

Carson B

Mac C

Charles D

Jude H

Pace L

Logan O

Noah V



Evan B

Jack W



Charlie V

Jack V

Gavin W


Little Chief-

Brayden C