Today is a day unlike any other here at Timberlake. All of our days are packed to the max and our guys are running hard all week. Sunday is a day to slow down (a little bit) and enjoy some restful time together as friends.

To start with we got to sleep in an extra hour and had warm and fresh cinnamon rolls waiting for us at breakfast. After a rousing morning yell and a Sunday edition of chapel we headed off to the cabins to have our cabin photos taken during cabin clean up. Be sure to check out our photos parents for shots of all our awesome cabins with their counselors. After cabin cleanup we had a trail running trip head out to enjoy the beautiful trails of Montreat. Those guys were Carter T, Patrick S, Nate G, Wyatt G, George S and Barrett C. The rest of us enjoyed some Sunday activities that included: sand castle building, fort building, frog catching, cards tournament, beach volleyball and a tradition unlike any other, Sunday Disc Golf at the Masters. A good time was had by all. 

At lunch time we munched on mashed potatoes, fried chicken, green beans and yummy rolls. We also got to have another special sunday treat: Lunch dessert! During lunch announcements we discovered that for the first time all summer, a cabin had scored a perfect 10 on cabin cleanup. And that cabin was…Stomper’s Knob! We also announced the winner of last night’s tribal competition, Counselor hunt. Last night our staff were hiding all over camp and the campers spread out to try and track them down. Each staff member that is found counts towards the tribe who found them (they are worth their age in points), and the tribe with the highest score wins. And last night’s winner was …The golden eagles!

After an amazing full hour of rest hour, we headed to the beach for trading post and afternoon free time. Mason S, Banks P and Carson S were doing awesome in Kayaking skills clinic and Hutton S, Daniel H and Trevor S were honing their skills on the disc golf course. 

Our canoers returned this afternoon from an epic trip in our voyager canoe (a giant canoe that holds up to 14 people. They conquered Lake James and even did some cliff jumping along the way. Those adventurers were:  Charlie T, Meyer S, Asher K, Rives J, Creighton J, Jack H, Harris L, Sean A, Evan G and Luke R. 

We then made our way up to the Mark for a Sunday cookout of burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips, watermelon and cookies. After that we had vespers, our Sunday night entertainment. Vespers starts silly with some fun skits and popular songs performed by the world famous Black Mountain Oysters (our staff house band), and then transitions to a time of evening worship with traditional chapel songs and true story. Tonight we got to see Dylan H, McKean K, Loren C, Sam C, Kenny C HP, Richard B, William B, Barrett G and Case M perform an original skit and the Black Mountain oysters rendition of Taylor Swift’s “love story” had the whole crowd jamming. 

Hawksbill and Turtleback got to finish the night with a free swim while senior camp played tribal basketball and tribal soccer. Did I say today was a day of rest? It was but somehow we managed to pack it full of fun anyway. 

It’s been an amazing first week of camp and we can’t wait to get started with week two tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you soon here on the Timberlake Blog!

Great camping, 


Director, Camp Timberlake

Proud Golden Eagle

Retired Rhythm guitarist and vocalist in BMO

Avid Tribal basketball enthusiast