Following the first Sunday of the session, Timberlake started kicked the first America Monday of the summer with sausage and waffles for breakfast, which was followed by a lively chapel surrounded by mystic loveliness. At lunch we found out that the Black Bears won both Tribal Basketball and Tribal soccer from the night before: Let’s go Black Bears! Hawksbill and Little Piney won cabin cleanup today with a 9.5. Patrick M, Luke R, Myer S, Edward T, Charles T, Henry V, Graham E, Evan G, Jack H, Robert I, Benjamin J, Creighton J, Rives J, Weston L, William F, Matthew G, McKean K, and Luke T went on a rafting trip on the French Broad section 9, loaded with lots of fun rapids. Allen W, Alex F, Barrett G, David F, and John L left for the first overnight backpacking trip of the summer. They left after lunch to go to Johns Rock. Andrew I successfully launched his first rocket today in Rocketry class, which earns him his bronze bar. Sam S and Patrick M both earned their bronze bar in swimming today. Jimmy A hit a phenomenal 15 yard grouping in archery today, all his arrows were in the yellow. Case M finished off his groupings at 15 yards for his bronze bar, Harrison C and Barrett C were both making killer progress on their silver bars in archery, shooting at twenty and thirty yards, respectively. Henry O finished his groupings at 20 yards and began shooting at 30 yards in archery. Barrett C and Carter K both got good groupings in riflery class today, Barrett’s were groupings while sitting which can prove to be very difficult. Banks P also got groupings towards his silver bar in riflery. John and Parker both performed great side by side rescues in kayaking, which is very helpful when out on a river. Carter T worked on double leg takedowns in his wrestling class. Free time was super busy today with lots of activities open, like archery, riflery, basketball, and even some in the lake. Despite this, Hez G and Holden G kept building their fort from Sunday’s fort building competition. Trevor S and Wagner D dominated 9 square during free time (it’s like four square but way more fun). Patrick S and Matthew G both got their bronze in field sports. For dinner tonight we had cheese ravioli, which was then followed by a great dessert of cookie ice cream sandwiches. The Sultan of Fun then informed everyone that we would be playing BattleBall, a fan favorite. Everyone always looks forward to the Greybeard vs Staff game. Hopefully the Black Bears come out on top again. The cabin of Huckleberry continued their streak of good cabin cleanup scores, which tends to be unheard of, with an 8.5 today. This helps them in their race for the Golden Plunger, as normally Huckleberry is not in contention, but as of now they are beating out most of senior camp.

Jake Highfield

Huckleberry Counselor

Proud Black Bear