The weather today was gorgeous and sunny. Not a speck of rain, and there was a cool breeze flowing in the afternoon. One could say it was an average day of the week for us here at Camp Timberlake, BUT they’d be wrong.

Trevor T and King M both reeled in fish today during their first activity of the day. Robert I finished his groupings at 10 yards for archery. Robert G completed 10 pull-ups and 4 tire jumps to accomplish his silver bar in fitness today. Achieving their gold bar in fitness were Wyatt G, Nate G, and Barrett C. They all completed the murph to accomplish this, and Nate G completed it in a camp record of 32:42. Way to go Nate!

Lunch today was a beautiful platter of gyro meat, toppings, tzatziki sauce, and pita bread with hummus and chips. After lunch we got a visit from Chad and Also Chad who apparently drink… sunscreen?! They have been relentlessly trying to steal Hydration from us, who resides year round at Timberlake. As our campers know, “Hydration never takes a vacation.”

Leading the way into the afternoon, our campers continued to shine brightly. Carson B received his bronze in archery and Tucker L made headway towards that goal by securing two groupings. Allen W demonstrated he has superb talent and got his silver in guitar. Up the climbing wall today, we got to see Nate G make impressive progress on his silver for climbing. Kai J and Knox B crushed it on the new climbing routes today, showing their prowess as well. 

We found out today that our campers are actually kind of weird, they LIKE cleaning (at least when they’re being graded on it and a golden plunger + pizza party is on the line). This is because we had our second perfect 10 of the summer! The cabin to achieve this impressive feat was none other than Junior Camp’s very own Finches Landing! They showed greater cleaning ability than campers much older than them.

Demonstrating he has the capabilities to make a great Jedi Master, one of our campers attempted an immense task in fencing today. Our very own Barrett C took on Timberlake’s resident fencing teacher Cameron H in a match and won! Barrett C is en route to complete his gold bar. 

Closing out our activities, Robert I demonstrated he has the smarts and ingenuity to successfully launch a rocket in Rocketry class. That was not the only launch that our campers experienced today. This evening Timberlake got to enjoy a spectacle of fireworks to close out an amazing Tuesday here at camp. We even had some of our sisters from Merri-Mac here to enjoy the show as well. There is no such thing as an average day of the week for us here. 

Happy Camping,

Matt Witte

Stomper’s Knob Counselor

Proud Black Bear