Camp Timberlake awoke to a wondrous sunny morning on Jersey Thursday as we enjoyed french toast and sausage. We then enjoyed the morning yell from David R. 

After enjoying our delicious breakfast we made our way over to the chapel. At the chapel, we all had the pleasure of singing three enlightening songs worshiping Jesus and heard a true story from our year-round staff member Caleb O. During our talk we were able to delve into the Gospel of Matthew. The verse we were focusing on was Matthew 11:28 and how we are able to find rest in the Lord. How awesome is that!? Then we were sent to “GO CLEAN THOSE CABINS!” 

After cleaning our cabins we sent out some of our campers on two lovely adventures. Casting their luck today was Charles A, Talton A, William B, Jack D, Warren L, and Patrick M in fly fishing at South Mountain. We found Noah P, Wilson B, Case M, Henry O, Banks P, Ryker R, and Quinn B. surfing the rapids on our rafting trip. 

As we sent our campers on these trips, Camp Timberlake did not rest as we started our daily activities right after Cabin Cleanups. I would like to take a moment to recognize some extraordinary campers’ accomplishments today… Trevor T’s eyes widened in disbelief as he reeled in a 1 pound fish today. Unbelievable! Pickleball is an up and coming sport and today Eli R. had the chance to learn the fundamentals of pickleball! On the same courts we had another successful day and Edward S. got his bronze bar in tennis! In riflery today, Carson S. did not just get 1 but 3 bronze groupings! In mountain biking today Hugh W. was preparing for a large jump. He enthralled the class when he successfully landed the JUMP! 

As for lunch, our lovely kitchen staff prepared some pizza and ORANGE SLICES. At Camp Timberlake we always ensure that even when we are eating the most delicious pizza, there is always a fruit friend present. GO BALANCED DIET! During lunch we celebrated Porter S’ 13th birthday and one of our counselors Owen F’s birthday. 


One of my favorite parts of a typical Timberlake day is REST TIME, it is the perfect way to recharge for the next two activities and get ready to bring the energy for the BIG evening activity every night. Rest time is followed up by FREE TIME where campers are able to enjoy a plethora of activities. During this time senior camp was able to dive into our lake for some free swim. After free time, campers were able to return to their regularly scheduled programming with two more awesome activities. 

During dinner, we all enjoyed some chicken alfredo pasta, vegetables, and cheddar biscuits! Once again at Camp Timberlake, we love to make sure our meals are both nutritious and exciting. I think everyone’s favorite part of any meal is dessert so I would love to report that our dessert tonight was an apple turnover. DELICIOUS!


The evening activity was…………………. (Hold for dramatic effect)



The question every night comes down to who will be victorious when the game comes to a close. The Golden Eagles? Or the Black Bears? As a Black Bear myself, I know who I am rooting for but it is always fierce competition. 


After a wonderful, competitive, and much anticipated game involving various kingdoms and LOADS of fun, Camp Timberlake retired to their cabins for the night. What is better preparation for a PERFECT camp Friday than a good night’s sleep? I cannot think of anything to top that. 


And with that I am officially signing off but it has been a pleasure reporting on this beautiful June 6th. Even better that it was Jersey Thursday and I am currently wearing a ​​Lionel Messi jersey (Viva Argentina!). As I looked around I saw various football, basketball, and soccer jerseys from all over and with that, it was a successful Jersey Thursday at Camp Timberlake. 


Have a blessed evening and check back tomorrow for more camp shenanigans! 


Alexandra Gayton 


Pottery enthusiast