Last night, we hosted our sister camp, Merri-Mac, here in Marion. After enjoying a
performance from BMO (Black Mountain Oysters) at Vespers we sat around and watched as the
dark sky became alive with radiant bursts of fireworks. In order to ensure a
goodnights rest, our day this morning began 30 minutes later than normal–that did not
stop us from enjoying a full day of activities and delicious meals! For breakfast today, we had a banger of a meal with mouthwatering french toast sticks and bacon.

Howe A. received a shoutout from his instructor for his performance in riflery class. Jake L. earned the first ever gold bar in improv, which included his performance in Vespers the night before. As for trips, today we had two! The first was a climbing trip; they went waterfall repelling. This trip included Jonah O., Brandon C., Mitchell G., Miles B., Garrison B., Hunter S., Jack B., Henry B., and Graham R. Another group went fly fishing today, which included Leonardo R., Adriano B., Liam B., Mateo B., Michael C., Khari D., Jake L., and Coleman H. These guys caught some great fish and enjoyed a beautiful swimming hole. For lunch, we enjoyed some delicious Philly-cheese steaks served with mac & cheese and grapes. Dinner held its own with fluffy biscuits, assorted vegetables, chicken pasta and warm gooey brownies for dessert.

With rain in the forecast, the Seminoles and Iroquois will compete in various games in the Tuck tonight. As we come to a close on another incredible day at Camp Timberlake, one cannot but stop and smile at how wonderful it is to be here!

Bryan Vidal
Liberty University
Little Piney
Proud Seminole
Water Skiing Instructor