It was a great day at camp today. The beugle went off this morning and the campers got up to a great breakfast. We had eggs, hashbrowns, and sausages. All the campers were fueled up for a action packed day at camp. After our morning yell everyone raced up to The Mike for chapel. We sang together and listened to a great true story performed by our camp director John Menendez. All the campers swiftly cleaned their cabins after. The high score today was a 8.75 by Little Slaty. This was one of our low scoring days, but Little Slaty claimed the winning score today with pride.

   As the session of 1B comes to a close, it is truly amazing to see campers of all ages striving in their activities. In swimming Henry C, Cameron K, and David H all got their bronze today. They worked very hard to get bronze and can’t wait to go for their silvers. They knew all their swimming strokes and crushed it today. In wrestling we had a very great match. Elliot D had a clutch performance and scored his bronze. Sean the wrestling instructor today was very proud of his outstanding performance. In rocketry Jake A, Ryker R, Timmy M, And Alexander E launched their rockets for silver. All of their launches were successful and went very well. Gabe V successfully built a very complex rocket and launched it successfully for his well earned gold bar in rocketry. It was a great day at the archery range for all the campers, especially Owen S for getting his gold today. Archery is one of the toughest golds to get, and he was determined on getting the privilege to name the compound bow. Also Mitchel G, Lucas O, Jack B, and Parker K got their bronze today working hard throughout the two weeks of camp at the range. During backpacking David F got his silver. He worked very hard and acquired tons of great survival skills. In improv Gabe V, and Thompson B got their gold today. They made a very humorous  skit for vespers, performing in front of Merri-mac and Timberlake.


   For lunch we had freshly made Jambalaya and corn chowder soup. We also got to hear a great song performed by a camper that left their hat on in the dining hall. During lunch today James K, Reed P, Mateo S, and Fin F were crushing it on their trip! They went water skiing and did an amazing job. After lunch the camp went quiet while everyone’s stomachs were full with great food, they got to take a refreshing nap during rest time. As soon as the clock hit 1:30 the campers hopped out of bed for trading post and free time. Thunderball and volley ball matches were being played, and the climbing rocks were opened for campers to work on their bars.  During cooking the campers made and got to enjoy delicious oreo bars. Overall today has been going great. All the campers have made so many friends. Dinner is coming soon, after the Iroquois and Seminoles battle for the banner in an awesome game of Commando. After Commando the boys will do a exciting post evening activity decided by their counselors. A exciting night awaits the boys. The campers can’t wait!


Signing off,

Aj Rodriguez, Proud Seminole and CIT for Further Up.