Happy opening day from Camp Timberlake! It was a sunny and breezy day here at camp as we welcomed a great new group of campers to property. It was exciting to watch new friendships begin to form and old ones renewed as the boys jumped right into the action.

The boys got their first taste of the lake this afternoon during the swim assesment, and then hiked back to the council ring for our tribal initiation. The Seminole and Iroquois each welcomed some strong new warriors to the tribe. They learned about the history of tribes at camp and our tribal games where we compete to win the ultimate prize at camp, the banner.

Our new Seminoles are:

Andrew F., David Allan B., Christian M., Emerson F., Andres Q., Neil R., Andrew T., Dylan D., Finn K., and Bailey F.

Our New Iroquois are:

Jack G., Davis G., Nicholas C., Hudson W., Easton M., Jack U., Nash D., Clayton B., Greyson E., Javier R., Noah N., Andrew S., Jack W., George S., Jack S., and Kenan A.

The first tribal competition of the session was the tribal chants, highlighted by the Iroquois unveiling a brand new chant. The spirited cheers were a good indication of the close competition to come this summer. After a delicious dinner of fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and dinner rolls, the boys prepared for perhaps the most famous of all camp activities, Sock War! Picture a giant capture the flag game filled with running campers throwing socks at one another and trying to secure the flag and you can get a pretty clear picture of what tonight looked like. The games were too close to call so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow at lunch to find out the winner.

As I type this the guys are settling into their cabins and getting to know one another. We are so thankful your sons are here this summer and be sure to tune in every night to hear all about the days adventures. Until next time!


Director, Camp Timberlake

Proud Seminole