The first full day of camp for session II campers started out with bang. Campers enjoyed french toast and sausage for their first amazing. After breakfast, campers and staff marched toward the mark for chapel. There, they listened to a true story from John about the time he watched a volcano erupt in Nicaragua. From there, the campers headed back toward the cabin for cleanup. The campers then scurried off to their first activity of the summer.

In fencing, both Seth B. and Gavin B. had an awesome day. Grayson E., Parker C. and Jack W. kicked off the session by earning their bronze. Rich J. loved his first improv experience today and did an awesome job. After the first two activities, Timberlake headed back to the Tuck for lunch, where we enjoyed a camp favorite meal of mini corn dogs and mac-n-cheese. Timberlake also received a visit from Mr. Hydration, who begged John for a vacation. Fortunately, John let us know that “hydration never takes a vacation,” reminding us all to stay hydrated at camp. At the end of the meal, Timberlake sang Happy Birthday to our camp director, John M. Everyone enjoyed some ice cream.

After devouring ice cream, the Seminoles and the Iroquois parted ways to elect their tribal leaders. For the Seminoles, the Chief is Jeb S., the Med-Man is Will L., and the lookouts are Wait M. and Paolo C. For the Iroquois, the Chief is Jake L., the Med-Man is Cole L., and the Lookouts are Jack V. and Louis F. Next, both tribes learned their new tribal hymn and fight song.

After the tribe meetings, the campers made their way back to the cabin for rest time. Thirty minutes later the campers sprinted toward trading post and free swim while some of the counselors played the campers from Little Slaty, Big Slaty, and Greybeard in a friendly game of soccer.

Following afternoon activities, Camp Timberlake gathered together in their Sunday shirts to take the camp picture where Jack G. won two free trading posts for having the best smile. We then made our way to dinner where we devoured pasta and meatballs.

Timberlake then went crazy for the announcement of the evening activity, The Great Escape! In this epic game each tribe splits into multiple groups. They must work together to find counselors hidden around camp. The campers must accomplish or answer a puzzle, task, or question that each counselor has for them in order to get a clue where a flag is hidden. Once a group gets all of the clues and finds the flag, the game is over and their tribe wins. After The Great Escape, the campers will head back to their cabins and get ready for another awesome day at Camp Timberlake.

Joe Virgin


Little Chief

Huckleberry Counselor