The sound of the Reveille rolled throughout camp, signifying the start of a new day. With the smell of breakfast lingering through the air, campers eagerly made their way towards the Tuck. With stomachs full and the day on its way, it was time to head to chapel. Like any day in chapel, we started off singing a collection of songs and ended with a message given by one of our counselors, Hank B. Hank spoke on the topic of when we going through life, God is always there to pull us out of our troubles.

One awesome part about Camp Timberlake is the many trips we offer to campers. Today was a big day for trips, with white water rafting, backpacking and mountain biking all offering day trips! All of the campers on the rafting trip today enjoyed some stout rapids and a few of those campers included Wells F., Luis P., and Greyson E. Those on the mountain biking trip today were surprised by the company of our sister camp Merri-Mac today! One camper in particular, Seth W. really killed it today during mountain biking, being a real leader of the group.

With such an active morning for our campers, the idea of lunch sounded very appealing. As everyone made their way into the tuck, the infamous frito bags were placed among each table, indicating a camp favorite, “tacos in a bag”. At the end of lunch, the tribal winner of last night’s game of “The Great Escape” was announced. Campers proceeded to initiate a drum roll that shook the tuck, leading to the announcement that the Powerful Seminoles won!

As the day progressed, campers were busy at their daily activities. I found myself at archery range and noticed Drew J. crushing it, already shooting at 50 yards on his first day back! Also at archery was Mateo S., who on his first day achieved two groupings towards his bronze bar! The lake today was full of new campers trying their mark at activities such as kayaking and canoeing. Louis F. really shined today in kayaking by getting his wet exit on the first try.

As third and fourth period winded up, campers proceeded to make their way into the tuck for dinner. With dinner winding down, everyone knew what was next…The Sultan of Fun announced it would be Pirate Ball! As I sit here writing this article, the powerful Seminoles and the mighty Iroquois are outside battling it out. This is Jackson Carter signing out, thanks for reading.


Jackson Carter

Powerful Seminole

Lil Slaty Counselor

Liberty University