Another Glorious Day

As the sound of revile rang throughout the camp, the guys arose and made their way to breakfast. To start the day, the guys were treated to waffle sticks! So good!

Today at chapel, Connor A. gave a true story about how Jesus calls on us to acknowledge our own sin in order to be saved! After he was done it was off to cabin cleanup!

At 9:30, the bell rang to start first period! Over in Improv, the guys learned how to add history to their scenes in order to find out who they are and where they are! Pottery class learned how to make soap dishes! The guys in cooking class got to make buffalo chicken dip and homemade chips! You could smell the dip all the way to mountain biking where the guys were shredding the pump track!

Camp took out a few rad trips today too. Ferdinand B. Cole S. Grady R. Oliver M. Alex W. Liam Peterson. and Wes D. got to go canoeing and Rees R. Owen W. Blake W. Joseph L. and Sam H. went to the lower green to kayak!

When the lunch bell rang, the smell of Italian subs and fries drifted through the air. After lunch, everybody began to sing Happy Birthday to Noah V. as a cake was delivered to him! What better place could one think of to spend their birthday then at camp?

After a rejuvenating rest time, it was back to having fun. The lower cabins got to have a free swim, and the upper cabins got to pick from a ton of activities to participate in before it was back to classes. In swimming, Drew S. earned his silver, and up at wrestling, Charlie W. JT D. and Will G. all earned their bronzes!

Finally, it was time to eat dinner. Everyone made it down to the tuck for chicken fajitas and churros. After dinner, when the suspense level couldn’t have been raised any more, the boys found out that tonight’s evening activity is Pirate Ball! The beautiful, chaotic, and beloved game will be played all over the lake front. (At this point in the summer, I must say I am desperate for a Seminole victory.) Tomorrow at lunch we will see if the Noles were finally able to pull off a win, or if the Iroquois continued their unbeaten streak.

Now for some rest, for tomorrow is the best day of the week.

Signing off,

Nick L.

Still a Proud Seminole