This glorious Sunday at Camp Timberlake started with an extra hour of sleep, in order to celebrate a day of rest. Dressed in their Sunday best (the Camp Timberlake Sunday Shirt), the campers paraded down to the dining hall to partake in the traditional Sunday breakfast: cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk. Following breakfast, the morning yell sent campers to chapel. At chapel, there was a different feel as we sang a few extra songs in order to give a distinct feel. Then we continued the Sunday tradition of each counselor praying for his cabin. This included specific prayer requests from the campers themselves and some added touches from the counselors.

After chapel, the camp continued to cabin clean up where the race for the golden plunger continues to heat up. During cabin clean up, the tech staff made their rounds in order to get cabin photos of the campers while in their Sunday Best. Once the routine activities were over, the campers had a variety of Sunday competitions in which they could participate. These activities included sandcastle building on the beach with the Finch’s Landing team, a fort building competition, a canoe bridge, and the legendary Sunday at The Masters (Frisbee golf). Campers who preferred not to participate in these activities played thunderball, caught frogs, or just had time to spend with fellow campers in the cabin playing card games or signs. This time ended as the setters bell rang and campers ran to The Tuck for a hearty lunch of roast beef, cooked vegetables, and rolls. This lunch was the perfect preface to a glorious hour of rest time, which was another distinction of how Sunday is made special here at camp. After rest time, campers were given the entire afternoon of free time. This led to there being multiple activities being opened during free time so that campers had the opportunity to try out new things and also work on their bars in each one. Following this afternoon of fun, the campers went up to Spencer’s green to have some time together playing pick up games of soccer or ultimate before our camp wide cookout. The burgers, hotdogs, pasta salad, chips and cookies prepared by the loving hands of our cook out team were a hit with all of the campers. The summer feel of a cookout is just what we needed!

After eating and cleaning up, we went into The Mark to have our Vespers service. Vespers consisted of a few surprise visits from local celebrities. Our musical guests for the night were the Black Mountain Oysters sung hits such as Riptide, Pompeii, and All Star and in between songs there was an ongoing game of Family Fued. This game was between Mr. Hydration, Mrs. Hydration, and their son against the Menendez trio. In the end, John and his family won and Mr. Hydration had to go back to work, seeing as he is never allowed a vacation. Rex and Dex also appeared to give the campers a preview into their 8 week program as well as play musical chairs with their arch nemeses, the Ichabod brothers. After this bit of fun, the campers settled down to hear a true story by John Menendez to close out the activities for the night. All is quiet now as the campers are resting up for another great day of camp!   


Jameson Evans  

Little Piney 

Proud Iroquois