The storms have passed and the clouds have parted to shine on another beautiful day here at Camp Timberlake! Campers eagerly arose and when they arrived at The Tuck, they were treated to pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Once everyone had eaten their fair share of flapjacks, Timberlake was off to an exciting day.

Counselor Henry M. spoke to camp in chapel today, recounting the story of how when he was sledding when he was younger, he ran into a ramble of thorns and his dad pulled him out. He used this story to answer the question “Who is Jesus?” by saying that Jesus is our savior and he pulls us out of our thorns.

We had a white water rafting trip go out today with Harrison B., David G., William H., Samuel H., James K., Gram M., Britt M., Timmy M., Wyatt C., Jackson T., and Nicholas R. They got the opportunity today to raft on the French Broad River in Asheville. Everyone on the trip had a blast and had a very “raft-tastic” attitude!

Our other trip that went out today was our Greybeard Trip. Every year, we send the cabin of Greybeard (our oldest campers) on a fun trip for the day where they get to hike, go swimming and eat copious amounts of pizza. Greybeard began their day by doing service work at the Black Mountain Home for Children. They started the day with service work because we want them to experience service for others and it is consistent with our mission to teach every boy that comes through camp what servant leadership looks like in real life. After their morning of service, Greybeard hiked Lookout Mountain in Montreat, NC and then went to a nearby swimming hole to cool down after their hike. They ended their day with getting Cici’s Pizza together and going to Asheville’s very own Fun Depot, a play place filled with arcade games, laser tag, mini golf, and go carts.

Meanwhile, at camp, activities were underway and off to a great start! In cooking class today, they learned how to make marinara sauce and will be adding that soon to make spaghetti. In basketball, campers learned how to properly execute a bounce pass, chest pass and overhead pass with accuracy and then applied those skills in a scrimmage at the end of class.

At lunch today, we had chicken tenders but more importantly, we had the largest and most enthusiastic debate between campers and counselors alike: who would win in a fight, Godzilla or King Kong. Everyone had their opinions and their arguments and at the end of lunch, counselors Grant H. and Morgan Y. gave their arguments for Godzilla winning and counselors Will A. and Brian S. gave their arguments for King Kong winning. While both sides made valid arguments and were well prepared for the debate, only one could win. After careful consideration, our campers and judges concluded that the winner would be…….GODZILLA! The dining hall erupted in cheers for Godzilla winning in a hypothetical fight against King Kong. It was surely a debate for the ages.

While Greybeard still being on their trip, the rest of the cabins get to enjoy Cabin Night as their evening activity! Cabin Night is where each cabin gets to spend the night doing fun activities planned out by their counselors and get to grow closer to each other. Huckleberry and Finch’s Landing are making pancakes in the cooking kitchen. Further Up is making s’mores and going down the slip ‘n slide and Further In is having a board game night in The Tuck. Little Piney and Big Piney are having a sports night up at The Mark with ultimate frisbee, football and basketball. Stomper’s Knob is having s’mores at the backpacking hut while playing archery tag, Little Slaty is having a luau on the beach, complete with tiki torches, s’mores and a free swim and Big Slaty is playing candy poker in the Big House. It sounds like each cabin is geared up and ready to have lots of fun tonight.

As the sun begins to set over Spyglass Hill, each cabin is spending quality time with each other as friends and brothers in Christ. We are thankful for the fellowship we get to experience every day here at Timberlake, and even more thankful for the love and joy that God brings to our lives with each day here.


In Christ,


Carter Boone

CIT Director and Evening Activities Director

Go Noles

Roll Tide