With the morning sun rising, reveille sounded, and the campers headed down to The Tuck to eat some delicious breakfast burritos, a camp favorite! After breakfast and the morning yell, our boys were ready to take on the day here at Timberlake.

The boys voices were heard throughout camp during chapel where they sang and counselor Carter B. told a true story about a run in with a bear fishing out in Alaska. He answered the question “Who are we” by talking about how Jesus bears our sin for us. Before activities started, three trips left camp! A rafting trip left with Hutton S, George S, John C, Thomas S, George R, Gary M, Britt M, Pierce H, Carson G, Boone G, Xander E, and Chase V. A mountain biking trip went out with Davis M, Seth W, Nick G, Reed S, John B, and Noah N. The Greybeard trip went out today, a great camp tradition. Greybeard took part in an epic day of service and fun. Quentin S, Adam V, Matthew R, William L, Greyson E, Robert T, Cole L, Hugh P, Connor G, Preston B, and Trey D. all went on this great adventure.

The sun was shining, and activities started in full swing with boys working hard to increase their skills. After a good day of working in the lanes, swimming ended their class with a free swim. Campers like Drew D. had a great time working on the mats in wrestling. Walker C. took down a counselor in a fencing match, earning all of the glory. Camp’s favorite activity, PAWS, took the puppies on the crooked mile for an offroad adventure. As this morning’s activities were wrapping up, all the campers headed to lunch where we enjoyed monte cristos and french fries! During the lunch announcements, we learned the eagerly awaited winner of the epic games we had the night before. Seminoles won lower cabin tribal soccer in a sudden death PK shootout and Iroquois narrowly won an epic game of upper cabin tribal basketball. A close night for both tribes.

After rest time and trading post was free time! Today our boys swam, fished off the bridge, played gaga ball, and ran the Crooked Mile. Evan B. and Ben G. both earned their bronze in archery during a free shoot!

Afternoon activities started: Ben C. and Sam R. shredded the trails during third period. Max C. and Jeb J. improved their kayaking skills.  Julian A. and Dylan D. both worked on their bronze in riflery.

After a dinner of chicken fajitas the boys headed to the evening activity…CABIN NIGHT!!!! Junior camp cabins are going to get smores, a gaga ball tournament, and a visit from the candyman. The Pineys are doing a free swim, Stompers Knob gets to play archery tag, Little Slaty is going on a pool trip, Big Slaty is watching the sunset on lookout mountain, and Greybeard is wrapping up their epic Greybeard trip. Stay tuned for pictures of each of these great adventures.


All in a day’s work here at Camp Timberlake!!

Josh Dunford

Junior CAD and Archery Director

Proud Iroquois