The day started off with campers hopping out of bed and beginning to prepare themselves for a fun day at camp. We started off the American holiday with some delicious Belgian waffles with a side of sausage. Following the meal and the patriotic morning yell, everyone headed to the chapel. Todays True Story came from counselor John H. He told the camp about how we are all God’s children and even when we think we don’t deserve it, he loves us, no matter what.


Campers Trey W., Jack W., Will E., Quincey G., Reid S., John B., and Will M. all went on a climbing trip to Chimney Rock and Jeb J., Matthew S., Mac C., Walker C., Jacob H., and Ryan G. went on a kayaking trip!


The competition for the golden plunger was next, as cabin cleanup ensued. After cleaning, morning activities came to a close and everyone headed to lunch. Lunch is by far the craziest meal of the day, which makes it a top favorite at camp! 


We all enjoyed a meal of pizza and pretzel rolls. And surprise – we had popsicles for dessert! As we raised our red, white and blue treats in the air, we then sang the song “God Bless the USA” to show Camps patriotism. After the song, we heard the really impressive scores from cabin clean up and the victors of the day were Little Slaty and Greybeard with a respectable 9.5 out of a 10 scale. At camp, this is a very clean looking cabin.


During Rest Time, campers slept, read and wrote cards as they patiently waited for the bugle to signal free time. Trading Post was abuzz as all campers were getting their afternoon snack and drink. Afterward, campers enjoyed the many staff opened activities and, the best part – Freedom Free Swim! It’s similar to any free swim, except it’s on the Fourth of July and we played patriotic music the entire time they played in the lake. Campers had an absolute blast! As free time came to a close, the next thing on everyone’s schedule was their afternoon activities. Pierce H., George S., and Thomas S. all received their bronze bar in the activity of swimming. Ben G. and Trip C. received their bronze in archery. Andy M., Matthew R., and Logan R. received their bronze in riflery along with Davis M. receiving his gold! It’s wonderful seeing so many young men grow in their activities! 


Once everyone exhausted themselves, we all enjoyed an entrée of apple cinnamon pork tenderloin. Afterward, Counselor Andrew D. announced the evening activity- the county fair! All of camp comes together to play tug of war, bobbing for apples and so many more activities to hang around and enjoy to celebrate our nation’s independence day! 


Campers will soon be heading to Chapel Hill to witness tonight’s Firework show! Looking forward to it! Happy Fourth of July!


John Hovell

Further In, Seminole, Swimming

University of North Georgia