As evening rolls in and the sun begins to fade, we finish our last night of 2nd session with Little Chief. Little Chief is our way of allowing campers to track the progress they’ve had over their years at camp through earning bars, promotions, and commendations. The Little Chief ceremony is our time of recognition and shows everyone what campers have progressed through the bars or who have been leaders in their cabins from both the campers and counselor’s point of view. This allows them to earn their way up in promotions from Scout all the way up to Little Chief. Each of these promotions are represented by a different colored band given to the camper. (All commendations, bars, and promotions are listed below)

As today brings along the end of 2nd Session, we look back at the memories we’ve had and can’t help but smile at the good times and friends we have made. While being a little disappointed about this being the end, we can look on happily that a year is a rather short span of time, and we’ll all be back sooner than we think. We are looking forward to seeing all of our Timberlake families tomorrow for closing ceremonies and can’t wait for another great 2nd session next summer. Thank you for reading and entrusting your boys with us this summer.


Camper: Drew D., Elias W.
Counselor: Trey A., Darby A.

Finch’s Landing
Camper: Emerson F., David Allen B.
Counselor: Jacob H., Britt M.

Further Up
Camper: Hutton S., Finn K.
Counselor: Gary M., Tripp C.

Further In
Camper: Hugh Michael H., Pierce H.
Counselor: Thomas S., John Hayden C.

Little Piney
Camper: Evan B., Jack W., Ben G.
Counselor: Jack V., Turner T., Evan B.

Big Piney
Camper: Grant R., Wells F., Andrew R.
Counselor: Neil R., Andrew R., Logan R.

Stomper’s Knob
Camper: Dylan D., Jack D.
Counselor: Jack D., Ean M.

Little Slaty
Camper: Jackson R., Lucas R.
Counselor: Ben C., Andrew F.

Big Slaty
Camper: Gresham C.
Counselor: Andy M.

Camper: Trey D., Matthew R.
Counselor: Trey D., Will L.


Bronze: Jack W., Bailey F.
Silver: James S.
Gold: Connor G., Davis M.

Bronze: Julian A., Chase G., David F.,
Silver: Preston C., Trey D., will M., Will L.

Bronze: Benjamin G., Patrick A., McCaslin C., Jacob H., Chase G.
Silver: Sam., Matthew S., Chance S., Grant R.
Gold: Gavin B., Andrew R., Wells F.

Bronze: Andrew F., Oren S., Max C.
Silver: Quentin S.

Bronze: Shade J., Chase V., Jesse W., George S., David F.
Silver: Parker D., Chance S., Quentin S., Tripp C.

Bronze: Pearce H., Chance S., Thomas S., Turner T.
Silver: Quentin S.

Bronze: Ben C., Conner G., Andy M.

Bronze: Evan B., Walker C.
Silver: Robert T., Ben C., Mac P.

Field Sports
Bronze: Nicholson B., George S., Matthew H., Turner T.
Silver: Davis M., Emerson F., Bailey F., Gary M., George S.
Gold: Matthew R., Conner G., Quentin S., Trey D.

Mountain Biking
Bronze: Ben C., Nik P., Nicholson B.
Silver: Reid S.
Gold: Seth W., Grayson E., Nick G.

Bronze: Jack D., Sidarth N., George R., Aubrey S., George S., Nolan S., Robert T., Gavin B., Wait M. Nik P., Neil R., Jack W.

Bronze: Seth W., Rich J, Conner G., Parker D., Parker C., Kenon A., Preston C., Charlie D., Elliot D., John C., Powell M., Hugh Michael H., Charlie V.
Silver: Will L., Matthw R., Cole L., Alex B., Shade J., Wells F., Logan O., Charlie V., Evan B.
Gold: Sam O., Lance H., David F.

Bronze: Aubrey S., Trey W., Xander E., Rich J., Ean M.
Silver: Spencer M., Logan M.

Bronze: Will M., Bailey F., Gresham C., Eli F.
Silver: Grant R., Andrew R., Xander E., Cole L., Quincy G., Charlie V., Jack V.
Gold: Wait M., Preston B.




Scout (White)

Trey A.

Walker C.

Jacob H.

Pierce H.

Finn K.

George S.

Chance S.


Guide (Gold)

David B.

Shade J.

Sam O.


Pioneer (Orange)

Emerson F.

Hugh Michael H.

Hutton S.


Tracker (Green)

Evan B.

Parker D.

Greyson E.

David F.

Quincy G.

Jack V.


Hunter (Blue)

Preston B.

Gavin B.

Wells F.

Nicholas G.

Will M.

Grant R.

Charles V.


Warrior (Red)

Lance H.

Quentin S.


Pathfinder (black)

Cole L.

William L.

Matthew R.


Sons of Timberlake

3rd Year

Ben S.

David H.

Evan B.


Hugh Michael H.

Hutton S.

Jeb J.

John B.

Matthew S.

Oren S.

Parker D.

Quincy G.

Robert S.

Sam O.

Shade J.

Trey W.

Tripp C.


6th Year

Andrew F.

Aubrey S.

Cole L.

Connor G.

Logan M.

Preston B.

Robert T.

Wait M.



Spencer G.

Josh K.



Catherine McCoy

Waterfront Director

Auburn University