The morning bugle echoed through the hills of Camp Timberlake calling all campers to get out of bed. Junior camp was quick to wake up; they knew a scrumptious breakfast would be waiting for them at the Tuck. The “eggcellent” smell of warm biscuits, scrambled eggs, and delectable potatoes filled the air of the dining hall. On the other hand, senior camp had a harder time rolling out of bed. For them, the bugle signaled the start of cabin cleanup. After everyone finished eating, the entire camp took part in the buffed-up socially-distant version of the morning yell. Today three counselors led the yell, each only saying a single word at a time before instructing the camper to raise their voices to the heavens. 

Soon after, chapel began and the boys sang some popular camp songs: Noah, Every Move I Make, and Jordan’s Stormy Banks. When Trevor and Bennett announced Jordan’s Stormy Banks was the next song, the entire chapel yelled so their side could get the echo. It was a victory for The Golden Eagles and The Black Bears. They screamed the loudest and got to sing the second “I am bound.” The once-loud boys were quiet as soon as John Menendez began telling a true story and related it back to our lives in Christ. 

The boys raced back to their cabins to place their order for Trading Post. The campers snickered because they knew in just a couple of hours they would be chowing down on some sour patch kids with a cold Gatorade, a trading post favorite. The sun began peeking over the hills as the bugle rang for the boys to go to their first and second period activities. The refreshing water from the lake made sure the boys were fully awake because the kayaking class learned how to do wet exits: this is when kayakers learn to exit the kayaks when upside-down!

The lunch bell rang and none of the campers were chicken to eat today’s lunch: chicken and lettuce wraps with fries for all the guys. A long drum roll billowed through the dining hall as the winner for cabin cleanup was about to be announced. “And the winner is FINCHES LANDING.” Everyone in Finches stood up and cheered at the top of their lungs. But even more interesting to some, the winners of California Kickball, Stealing Skins, Basketball, and El Presidente were the IROQUOIS. After lunch, it was time for the much-anticipated tribal leader elections. In the Red Fox neighborhood, Will G. and Grady R. were elected for Iroquois lookouts and Grant S. and Thomas M. were elected as Seminole Lookouts. The Iroquois elected David R. as chief and Evan F. as elder while the Seminoles elected Dash V. as chief and Cole S. as elder. Each night these boys will lead their tribes to compete in evening activities to one day ultimately win the banner. 

While the Blue Herons and Red Foxes went to rest time, The Golden Eagles had a free swim; it went swimmingly. The boys splashed into the water after being blobbed, swinging from the rope, and jumping off the platform. There was lots of encouragement and cheering for one another to help them accomplish something they thought they couldn’t do. The free swim ended just in time before the afternoon showers rolled in, bringing new life to camp. The beach goers Silas E., Thomas M., Eli W., Davis O., and Mason H. took part in a friendly competition of beach volleyball that was tied until the final point. 

The aroma of meatball subs and brownies lured the boys into the Tuck to refuel before their evening activity. The Golden Eagles and Black Bears played Search and Destroy while the Red Foxes played Stealing Skins and Blue Herons played Tribal Basketball. As the sun set over the hills surrounding Timberlake, the final bugle sounds. The boys find it easy to fall asleep after another full day of running around having a blast here at camp. 

James Belt

Proud Seminole

Finches Landing Counselor

Little Chief