Morning descended upon Timberlake, waking up the campers to the smell of coffee cake and breakfast pizza. After singing a few verses of “The Banana Song” and listening to a quick chapel talk about old baseball gloves and Hebrews 12, the campers went to their activities. Today, a climbing group of Blue Heron completed the gold bouldering route for the first time! The first free time found the Red Foxes plunging into the lake. The rope swing and blob were busy, but the place to be was the diving competition, with Barrett C. and Henry V. taking first and second, respectively.

After a lunch of Philly cheesesteaks and curly fries, the overnight-backpackers returned from a successful trip! Yesterday, they started at Table Rock, and spent the night on Shortoff Mountain, soaking in stunning views. Teddy O. earned his silver bar on the overnight as well as Chancellor R. who received his gold bar! They came back to camp with exhausted happiness on their faces.

The afternoon started off with a timid rainshower and some thunder, but it made sure to leave the skies before the third period started. Airsoft and Paintball enjoyed long games of woodsball, with one match pushing 15 minutes. The day ended with a favorite dinner: Hawaiian meatballs! Afterward, everyone rushed to Spencer’s Green to play a massive game of Commando. One of the most stunning sunsets of camp so far graced the evening sky as Greybearders got pelted with water balloon after water balloon after water balloon…

The campers are now off to rest and refuel for an exciting last full-day tomorrow!

Wilson Pate