Today was a great day filled with activities here at Timberlake, especially when it came to trips. Sebastian P. and David R. got out to Tablerock for one of the sweetest multi-pitch climbs in the area! Hugh S, Jackson G, Mason B, Hudson S,
Charlie J, Cole S, and Charles B went out to DuPont State Forest today to tackle the Ridgeline mountain
biking trail. Back at camp, the excitement was brewing for the final Little Chief ceremony of the session!
Without any further ado, here is what transpired at the ceremony last night.



Camper: Boone R, Charles L
Counselor: Joseph P, Ernest F

Finch’s Landing:
Camper: Lawson H, Nicholas D
Counselor: Teddy McGahan

Further Up:
Camper: Dane T, Hunter P
Counselor: Dane T, Claude C

Further In:
Camper: Tucker L, Michael O, Cameron M
Counselor: Harrison C, Miles N

Camper: Hayes M, Griffin W
Counselor: George S, William V

Camper: Dalton S, Matthew A, Tripp C
Counselor: Henry O, Matthew A

Little Piney:
Camper: Wes D, Davis O
Counselor: Jack P, Chance S

Big Piney:
Camper: Henry V, Jack V
Counselor: Tristan W, Jack V

Stomper’s Knob:
Camper: Ford B, JT H
Counselor: Ford B, William B

Little Slaty:
Camper: Patrick P, Garrett S
Counselor: Lucas M, Nicholas O

Big Slaty:
Camper: Cole S, Eiji T
Counselor: Charlie J, Eiji T

Camper: Max S, Hugh S
Counselor: David R, James S




Lower Camp

Ernest F
Lawson H 
Dalton S 
Cam M
Hayes M 
Miles N 
Henry O 
Harrison C
Hunter P
Cole R


William V


Upper Camp


Ford B

Barrett C

Tristan W


Michael A

William B

Patrick P

James S


Charles J

Garrett S

Cole S

Hugh S