Our final session here at camp Timberlake is off to a flying start. This morning we opened our gates to smiling faces and enthusiastic waves as we welcomed in our 3B campers. After a smooth check in process (kudos again to our amazing families who came prepared for our new drive through drop off), the boys jumped right in with a swim check at the lake and then tribal initiation. 


Some of our month long campers went on a kayaking trip today and Dash V, Benjamin E, David R, Ford B, Banks P and Henry O all reported that the Tuckasegee river was flowing beautifully today. 


Our first year campers learned about the tradition of our two great tribes that make up Camp Timberlake, the ongoing competition for the banner and the special bonds shared within these two ‘families within your camp family’. After joining their new tribe, the boys learned their tribal chants and cheers and then played the first evening activity of the session: Sock War!


If you’ve never played Sock War before, picture a giant, capture the flag style game, where boys throw socks to get each other out and you can get the basic idea. As I write this article, I can hear the sounds of this legendary camp game echoing all over property. 


Our new Seminoles are:

Jim B, Elliot C, Hunter H, Henry B, Wilson F, Will H, JJ K, Porter M, Oliver G, Will R, JP A, Nolan B, Boone K, Murphy U, Riley S, and Calvin B


Our new Iroquois are:

Max B, Cullen S, Henry A, Connor B, Jack G, David E, Bay J, Noah C, and Thomas V, 


As we wind down our first day together I am especially grateful for the chance we have to all be together this summer. Watching boys greet old friends today and begin to make new ones was something special, and I am even more excited when I think of all the wacky fun and exciting adventures ahead of us this two weeks. Be sure to check in with us each night to see pictures and read an update from the day. Thanks so much for sharing your sons with us this summer. 


Director, Camp Timberlake