It was a cool, chilly morning here at Timberlake with a layer of light fog covering the grounds. We were treated to one of our favorite breakfasts here, geometry breakfast, alongside grits, fruit, and juice. Geometry breakfast is when we have circular biscuits, sausage, and eggs, square cheese, and rectangular hashbrowns all made into a tasty breakfast sandwich! We then started the morning off with a buffed-up socially-distant version of the morning yell and chapel.

The entire cabin of Greybeard had their cabin trip today in which they went hiking and swimming at Babel Tower and visited Craggy Gardens!

We had cheeseburgers for lunch as well as crispy curly fries and watermelon. There was an airsoft tournament during free time where Matthew A. and Chase V. won! In case you missed it last night, we also elected two new lookouts for the two tribes in Junior camp: Henry O and Theo T for the Seminoles, and Chase V and Matthew A for the Iroquois!

During afternoon activities, Silas E. got his bronze in kayaking and Richard B. got his gold in archery today! JJ K. had his birthday today and got to split a cake with his cabin! Also, it was announced that the Seminoles won tribal Thunderball last night!

For dinner, we enjoyed a delicious turkey with hashbrown casserole and peas, and for dessert, we had sugar cookies! Tonight, the senior camp has cabin night and Big Slaty took a hike to lookout as their evening activity. Junior camp is playing the Great Escape tonight as their evening activity which just ended as I’m writing this.

The campers are now back in their cabins and resting for an amazing day tomorrow. Be sure to tune in tomorrow to find out who won the Great Escape and hear about how tomorrow goes!

Natalie Custer