Today was another glorious day here at Camp Timberlake. The birds were chirping and the sun was smiling down on us. The young men of Timberlake arose from their bunks wide eyed and ready to face the day.

As the morning fog rose from the Marion valley up to heavens (in mystic loveliness), boys of all ages began the great migration from their cozy cabins to the Tuck, where they were met with delicious breakfast burritos! After becoming artisans of this breakfast craft, the campers made their way to the morning yell. The mighty John M. fearlessly led the young men in a yell unlike any other, which was even heard on the third moon of Jupiter (it was that loud!). From there, most made their way to chapel while a few brave souls stayed behind. That’s right, we had two awesome trips go out today! One to go water skiing and the other to go kayaking on the mighty Tuckaseegee River. Max S, Dash V, Pete B, Teddy F, Blake W, and Rees R. all crushed it on the river today. The kayakers worked on some river techniques. 

Don’t worry, we still had tons of fun at camp, too. After counselor Austin S. gave a True Story, campers barreled down the hill to their cabins to begin cabin clean-up. With the nearing of closing day, competition was fierce. After scrubbing, organizing, and sweeping the cabin, the campers of Timberlake made their way to their daily activities. Here are some of the highlights:

In riflery today, Dylan C. got his GOLD and Archie D. got his bronze! The camp puppies turned 4 months old (they grow up so fast!) Kayaking had some action here at camp as well! David R. got his offside role, while Drew S. and Charlie O. worked on some technique and even got their bronzes along the way. Hays L. got his GOLD in rocketry! Last but certainly not least, the man trip returned today. Eleven men embarked on a two night, three day journey through the Western North Carolina wilderness and came out as champions! They were welcomed back to dinner with a standing ovation.

Timberlake was also introduced to a new evening activity today…the Camp Olympics. Two tribes enter the festivities as competitors, one tribe leaves the victor. In this activity, campers are given the option to compete in games such as volleyball, soccer, disc throw, running, and climbing. In each activity, they can earn points for their tribe. Updates on that to come tomorrow! That’s all for today folks! Thanks for tuning in.

Hank Boyd

Furman University ‘21


Spirit Food: Asparagus