This Sunday morning, after an hour of extra sleep, we were treated to a fantastic breakfast of cinnamon rolls and fruit. Afterwards we took a break from activities and had a more relaxed day: Sunday at the Master’s Disc Golf, Fort Building, Sand Castles, Fishing, and an Eno City!
First up, the Trips!
There’s is a two night overnight trip on its way to the Cat Gap Loop with a stop by Johns Rock! The adventurers of this journey include Will M., Elliot S., Will S., Ryland Y., and Ford B.!
The second was the climbing trip to The Dump. Now, you may be thinking, “What an odd name!” And you would be right! It’s a fantastic location just off the parkway near Boone! This epic climb included Connor B., Bo S., Quinn S., Calvin H., Daniel A., Lucas Z., and Eiji T.!
While our trips embarked on off-campus adventures, the remainder of camp participated in some casual competitions around camp! Disc Golf was a close game but had two victors, Riley D. And Matthew A.! Fort Building had an amazing showing with two favorites, Fort John built by Hawksbill, and Acropolis built by Big Piney! All the while our oldest cabin Graybeard took the cake for the best chill time by building an Eno city!
After rest time, the camp eagerly awaited dinner, because on Sunday the camp gets a pizza with watermelon and cookie for dinner! Golf carts pull up to the cabins with our fresh food! Best dinner of the summer by far!
Following dinner, everyone gathered at the chapel for Vespers! This our event of skits and music, played by the one and only Black Mountain Oysters! This is a camp favorite, playing classics like Sweet Home Alabama, Love Story by Taylor Swift, and Year 3000 by the Jonas Brothers!
After Vespers, the staff prepared the mega slippin’ slide with shaving cream! This slide is the whole length of our tallest hill, Spyglass!
This sums up or Sunday here at Timberlake! Sundays are a fantastic break for normal classes and it brings the camp together for some of the most memorable moments! But, before concluding the blog tonight, we want to recognize all who gained achievement in our previous Little Chief ceremony that was held on Thursday!
Three year Sons of Timberlake:
Reynolds A, Joseph B, Maverick H, Christopher J, Owen S, Quinn S, and Evans T.
Six year Sons of Timberlake:
Ryland K, Duncan S, and Lucas Z.
Finch’s Landing
Camper: Liam T, Reynolds A
Counselor: Steele G, Ernest F
Further Up
Camper: Henry B, Zach M
Counselor: Wilson F, Reid S
Camper: Theo T, Porter M
Counselor: Theo T, Beckett B
Camper: Matthew A, Banks P
Counselor: Will R, Oliver G
Big Piney
Camper: Noah C, Evans T, Tyler S
Counselor: Evans T, Maverick H, Murphy U
Stomper’s Knob
Camper: Will G, Will S
Counselor: Duncan S, Ford B
Big Slaty
Camper: Connor B, Eiji T
Counselor: Bo S, Cole Snyder
Camper: David R
Counselor: David R
Climbing: GOLD
David R – 3 trips in 2 weeks
Field Sports: BRONZE
Reynolds A, Michael A, JJ K, Henry O, Benjamin E, and Will R
David R – Silver, Joseph B – Bronze, and Ford B – Silver
Beckett B, Steele G, Christopher J, Zach M, Reid S, Nihl S, and Liam T
Earnest F
Theo T
Duncan S, Tyler S, Evans T, and Dash V
Ford B
Daniel A and Elliot S
Connor B and David R
Last, but not least:
Teddy O and Chancellor R
Ean Swink
Climbing Instructor
Big Slaty Counselor
Proud Seminole