As closing day approaches at Timberlake, every moment feels sweeter and harder to let go of, and at Timberlake… this means seize the day! Especially with an extra hour of sleep this morning, everyone on campus found themselves with a packed day of adventures. After fueling up with french toast sticks and fruit, campers sang their hearts out in chapel to my personal favorites “Isaiah 43” and “Blind Man.” Connor Aycock, one of the program directors here, gave a talk drawing parallels between a climbing trip being protected from a storm a few years ago and the all-encompassing love of Christ. From here, the campers dashed to their activities.

Climbing saw 6 students helping belay in class! In the meantime, Connor B., Lucas Z., David C., and Will. A. earned their silver bars. Kayaking was split into two groups: one spending the whole day weaving down The Tuck off-campus, and normal classes witnessing David R. achieving his gold bar! During free time, Daniel A. locked down his gold bar in riflery! Lunch stuffed us all today – Philly cheesesteaks, curly fries, and apples! One camper commented to me, “I wish I wasn’t so full, I want thirds.”

Rest time was very much needed today in order for us to keep going strong. Free time provided a wide assortment of activities opened for bar work – riflery and climbing among others. Mountain Biking found themselves on Spyglass and the pump track in the afternoon. Up the Crooked Mile from the bikers, airsoft ventured into the woods for a suspenseful three-man free-for-all between Cole S., Maverick H., and Evans T. Around the corner, David R. continued his streak earning a gold bar in rocketry during free time. After this, the rocketry class made a “field trip” to riflery to shoot some rockets… at some targets.

For dinner tonight, we devoured Hawaiian meatballs, rice, salad, and sugar cookies! A casual game of Risk that started in Big Piney last night was mirrored camp-wide tonight, as both Junior and Senior camps were launched into a camp-wide game of Age of Empires, where the Iroquois and Seminole fight for control over different key nations; including “Vibe”iria, “Kayak”izastan, “Italia,” “Nashville-Canada”, and the Roman Empire.

After Age of Empires concluded, campers went to a couple of different bonfires to celebrate National S’mores Day the right way: by making only the best s’mores that any camp has ever seen.

Post-evenings will have shouts echoing throughout Senior camp, bringing campers together through competition and experience; whether that be basketball, running the Crooked Mile, or s’mores. With chilly nights and hot days, camp couldn’t be better.

Wilson Pate

Proud Big Piney counselor


Paintball/Airsoft Instructor