Today, per usual, was another fantastic day packed with friends and adventure! We started off the day like every other with a delicious breakfast. Afterward, we had a buffed-up socially-distant morning yell, and then it was off to clean cabins followed by chapel. After chapel, we headed off to daily activities, including archery, kayaking, paws, and many more.

For lunch, we had the best pizza pasta; This is basically all the ingredients of a pepperoni pizza, but in pasta form. At lunch we had two new characters arrive at camp, Ping and Pong, to defend camp from an evil paper airplane creator who wanted to turn camp into a paper airplane institute. At lunch, it was also announced who the winner was of Age of Empires last night… SEMINOLES!!

Rest time and free time followed shortly after lunch where senior camp had a free swim today and airsoft hosted a free-for-all battle deep in the woods. After free time, the boys went off to their third and fourth periods where Tyler S. and Joey B. worked on their kayak rolls and Will S. practiced hard so that he can play guitar with the staff at chapel tomorrow! The two-night overnight trip to John Rock got back today with Ryland K., Ford B., Will S., Will M., and Elliot S.

We ended the day with a dinner of pulled pork, corn, rice, beans, and the camp favorite: S’MORES POCKETS!! After we were filled with delicious food, the evening activity was announced: Commando! This is a game where tons of water balloons are thrown into a circle for points, but there are three people inside the circle who can pop the balloons before they land (extra points for getting a defender.) Needless to say, it is one of our favorite games here.

The campers are now starting to wind down from the day to prepare for tomorrow, our final full day of the summer. We still have lots to do, so be sure to check back here tomorrow night for a recap of the day!

Chris Tarney


BME Guide